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Perks Of A Stranger

Sometimes, I think it’s better if you don’t know me..

You see, there is a certain danger to familiarity. Once the veil is lifted, there is only you. Vulnerable.

Easy to figure out. Susceptible to request. Likely to pardon.

“Put your best foot forward”. So they say. People like to put on their best faces, when they meet others for the first time. I do too. But what I’ve come to notice as they start to know you, is they start to loosen up. And soon, when you’re ready, they start to wear their own skin. Naked.

And when you see them as they are, the rough edges of their personalities unveiled; unashamed anymore of who they are. All of this, you have to accept but without any consent. All the things that you don’t know and don’t want to know about them are all suddenly on the table..

But strangers, they are safe. The cloud of mystery in which the hide behind protects them from the monster underneath the skin of a person. The feeling of the unknown makes people careful of what they say or do, aware of how they act; a sense of intimidation that comes with unfamiliarity which compels respect.

And in return, they are easy to forgive. They are uncomplicated and easy to get along with. They don’t bring their problems and issues. And neither do you. No one cares too much.

“No strings attached”.

Strangers see good people. Strangers know no good people.

So maybe, you shouldn’t know me.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Pieces by Mat Simons

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B is for, ‘Back‘. Back in Winnipeg.

B is for, ‘Blizzard‘. Winter atrocity; my cold welcome.

B is for, ‘Average‘. The mark of non-peculiar student.

B is for, ‘Better‘. A goal.

B is for, ‘Bloated‘. Because I ate too much, and gained a lot during my trip.

B is for, ‘Burger‘. In-N-Out, 4×4. Animal. The major suspect above.

B is for, ‘Basketball‘. Exercise.

B is for, ‘Booting‘. The problem I had with my laptop, that caused me to want a Macbook.

B is for, ‘Broke‘. Why I can’t get a Macbook.

B is for, ‘Blog‘. Writing about my trip and life as I know it.

B is for, ‘Ben Howard’. ‘Games in the Dark’.

B is for, ‘Bags‘. The weight under my eyes.

B is for, ‘Bye‘. Only for now.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Me Me My Friend Time by Ben Howard

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