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Chemistry: Z

I wrote this a little over a year ago.


I love my friends to the moon and back. And last year, they both gave me a hard time because they were poles apart. They were a representation of two side. X and Y.

But this summer brought about a compound element between the two. And to this date I can’t determine which factor allowed to them cohabit without friction. I don’t know what changed. Maybe they finally saw what I’ve seen years ago, that they are both stark-raving-bonkers. Or maybe they realized that they share the same degree of madness.

Or that we are all in the same plateau in life.

Because really, we are all just trying to make sense out of everything. And it’s hard when you think about how alone you are in the struggle. Dubai is possessed by sheer sense of temporality. And that’s a hard burden to bear for kids. So in theory, I think the common denominator here is the underlying circumstance of being young and find one’s place in it.

But maybe there’s no real science behind it, and it all boils down to chemistry. Fumes and strong liquids. All I know, is and X and Y are in the same group now and I label them my best friends. I just wish I could’ve stuck around longer to see their reactions.

I miss them.

I miss chemistry.


SOTM: Sure Thing by Miguel

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A Disclosure

What if I tell you that I don’t have any plans; that I only intend to work hard?


Will I still make it then?

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Too Much by Drake feat. Sampha

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Perks Of A Stranger

Sometimes, I think it’s better if you don’t know me..

You see, there is a certain danger to familiarity. Once the veil is lifted, there is only you. Vulnerable.

Easy to figure out. Susceptible to request. Likely to pardon.

“Put your best foot forward”. So they say. People like to put on their best faces, when they meet others for the first time. I do too. But what I’ve come to notice as they start to know you, is they start to loosen up. And soon, when you’re ready, they start to wear their own skin. Naked.

And when you see them as they are, the rough edges of their personalities unveiled; unashamed anymore of who they are. All of this, you have to accept but without any consent. All the things that you don’t know and don’t want to know about them are all suddenly on the table..

But strangers, they are safe. The cloud of mystery in which the hide behind protects them from the monster underneath the skin of a person. The feeling of the unknown makes people careful of what they say or do, aware of how they act; a sense of intimidation that comes with unfamiliarity which compels respect.

And in return, they are easy to forgive. They are uncomplicated and easy to get along with. They don’t bring their problems and issues. And neither do you. No one cares too much.

“No strings attached”.

Strangers see good people. Strangers know no good people.

So maybe, you shouldn’t know me.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Pieces by Mat Simons

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Something To Say

I have always thought for myself that I actually have some things to say about something. Whether they’re downright absurd or thoroughly profound.

But for all those quick witty thoughts to silly simple statements, I have made a Twitter account.


This is for on the spot, spontaneous one liners with a hint of current shenanigans and angry rants.

So if you’d like to hear some nighttime musings. Follow.

(There’s a widget right below the blog page.)

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What could you be thinking on the edge of a third floor window? My friend was thinking about an experience.

Of life and death.

The eye of the moon was leering as if to demand a reply. He stood there, in trance of the light; mesmerized into contemplation of, not suicide. But an abrupt encounter with death. A quick glimpse, a few words, a short breath of the grim. Because, he believed (I believe) that Death can tell you a thing or two about life.

Weird as it seems, he’s always had his moments with the moon. A sort of lunar influence that causes his mind to exhaust itself without his knowing. And the moon have always had this mysterious sequel with people. It just so happens that he’s one of them.

It would’ve been a perfect portrait of death if he had died under the beam of the moon. As if to spotlight his grand exit. You see, nightfall is the most ideal time to die. No witnesses. Just the mo0n.

He stood there in the middle of a potent conversation with the moon. His feet on the ledge, out of the window. And as he was climbing up, his fingers froze; rendering his accidental decline. The fall was almost gracious. He saw the moon on the way down, not spiraling but descending. He was calm, almost at peace; no screams nor sense of panic. I don’t know if his life flashed before his eyes. But whatever he saw, that is for him to know.

His sweet downfall was made bitter by gravity. He closed his eyes for 30 seconds. And those 30 seconds could might as well be purgatory. For 30 seconds he wasn’t alive nor dead. Until he opened his eyes to find himself planted on the bushes. Alive, breathing, smiling. “I did it, I finally did it.” He whispered to a friend.

Similar things happen to people but sometimes have different outcomes. Falling from the third floor rendered a man with a broken arm and leg. Not to mention a fractured skull. Him, on the other hand ruptured his thighs with a leg bent over backwards. Difference is his wasn’t permanent. Lucky. But don’t never tell him that.

These kind of experiences are most profound, I suppose. Whatever death told him on the way down must be meaningful for the rest of life. Death might as well have said, “This is life. This is as easy as you can lose it. Take it and live it. So long as I feel generous.” But then again, a painful price is paid when visiting Death.

He’s currently learning how to walk again. And when he does, may his walk be different and his path straight.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Ghost by Gabrielle Aplin

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