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2 Years

Been a while. But I’ve always been here.

This blog has been nonexistent for a while.

No words. No sentences. No paragraphs. No narration. No dialogue. No gestures. No details.

But all the while I’ve been learning about each element. I have been collecting stories and realizations. I have been working on myself, as a writer, artist and friend. All this time, I have been here, behind the screen.All this time I have been committed to this humble blog, as I am committed to my words.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to share to the Internet what I’ve been through. And perhaps, now is the most opportune time.

But for now, I will bask in my little achievement of reaching the 2 year mark.

And for those of you who have read my midnight musings in this silent side of the Internet- thank you. I got nothing but love for all of you.

SOTM: Without by Sampha

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“You’re Just A Girl”

“You’re just a girl”.

You’re just a little girl. What do you know about the world? What do you know about life? What do you know about love? What do about about anything apart from painting your nails and swooning over little boys?

Nothing, really.

Because, you’re just a girl. And this is the most that you can fathom. But you are something else. You’re not like any of the other girls.

You are not cliche.

You’re an individual. You know what’s right and wrong, from whats good and best. And you can make the right decisions. Your taste in music is impeccable and eclectic, level with sheer sense of meaning. You pay close attention to detail. You are curious about the world, and the people in it. You have dreams, and your dreams have dreams.

You are already, what you are not yet.

You’re just in a phase. You are not little kid, but at the same time not a grown up. You are right in the middle of everything. And I’m telling you that it’s hard right now because high school is kind of shit; all the other kids are shallow and they don’t get you most of the time. You might feel like crying sometimes, but don’t let it get to you. The world is way big, and you will feel lost. But if you see past your short scope, you will find beauty and your place in it. The world is a mean place, and it will make you feel weak. But I am here to tell you, that you are strong like a force of nature. And this world will be yours to own tomorrow.


One day I will meet you over coffee, and you won’t be that little girl anymore. You will sit there tough, chin up and independent. You will tell of your many experiences of music and life. And I will remember you then.

“You’re just a girl”.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

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“The Fault Of Being Young”

A boy and girl affair, this does not end well.

Youth is abundant with love and folly. Juvenile hearts are driven by strong emtotions that seem to override all boundaries of logic. Vernal desires are fueled by curiosity and adventure; a sense of boldness that require little to no thought. Young love is full of hope. It dreams and pursues. But reality is no child’s play.

A friend fell in love at a tender age. He met this girl during a trip across miles and seas. They bonded through many conversations online, spending late nights to compensate for differing timezones. Their emotions grew despite the distance and time, and soon, a relationship bloomed. They stuck it together for many months, even years. It wasn’t always ideal. And with the kind of long distance relationship, they knew being apart is a given.

And it was over…

They were persistent through it all. And finally the universe reckoned it was time for them to be together. He took a flight to be with her at last. For the first time they were able to conquer all the things that separated them. They danced and held hands; they kissed and whispered words to each other; they were a couple, an actual pair for once.

And then it was over..

They went back to their normal lives, but it wasn’t the same anymore. She missed him and he couldn’t be there for her. They tried to continue what they have been doing for so long. But life started to happen for her. She went out and he waited in worry. He took after a certain tone, and she didn’t have it. They spoke until no words are spoken.

And then it was over.

To realize in the end that they were young is wise, but rather too late. The inability to contemplate the many opportunities that lie ahead, various people to meet and places to see and be; all this could have saved both my friends from the troubles of the heart. They could have had it all, everything and each other. If only it wasn’t for the fault of being young.



PS: I envied you guys. I really did. I was rooting for you to go all the way, so you can prove to me that love pays no attention to distance and time. I’m sorry that it all had to end this way. I wish you both the best, whatever pursuit it is in life.

SOTM: Youth by Daughter

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Red Ribbon

There’s a girl with short hair. Shorter than an average girl’s crown; trimmed to an utter masculine appearance. She isn’t a rebel disapproving society and all it feminine biases. All she was, is a girl.

A girl with long silky hair; highlights of red streaming through her fibers. Her hair was youth itself, one adorned by a young lady. A red bow that laced a beautiful face like a gift tied with a ribbon.

But she was unwrapped.

Because boys like toys they can play with. Blind kids open presents which are not meant for them. This not a case of childish thievery but more, for hearts are mangled by boys with roughest hands but most deceitful minds. So when a shrewd little liar took form of a ruthless boy. The girl loved like gullible under the puppetry of his words.

Emotions flared, everything burned.

When her mother had found out of what happened to her precious daughter. She saw scars similar to hers. A bitter and broken older-self took over and hard discipline came down. Hard to imagine, but all in motive of love.

They chopped her hair. Every strand decapitated with sheer contempt. The scissors clipped the crest that validated the young woman and they ripped that ribbon that sat on her head until all she had to show for was her shameful face. As she look upon her fallen locks, she bawled at the foolishness of the girl who once wore that crown.

But there comes a day for every damsel in distress. Fortunately, her’s came sooner.

And so that girl with the short hair. Yeah, she’s alright now. Under repair but she’s getting there. Maybe next time I sit next to her, I’d ask her about the hair. In which she’d wittily reply, “It’s a summer thing.”



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Beating Myself Up..

My sore body is sore. My aching muscles are aching..

As part of my preparation for summer revelry, I have decided to shape up a bit; going to my uncle’s home gym to burn some unwanted fat and get to looking mighty fit. Now since, my uncle can’t be bothered to spot me with my wimpy arms, he introduce me to P90X. A suicide instructional video choreographed by, Tony Horton.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically an hour’s worth of pure punishment. A solid set of death work outs that will make abortion your godforsaken food babies and cause you to vomit your insides. Which leads me to doubt Bruno Mars and his music upon hearing ‘The Lazy Song’. I mean how can you have s** after P90x when you just got from an early raping.


This is Tony Horton.

So peeved by his hyper-masculine, macho-exaggerated American bod.

And Tony Horton is the orchestrator of all pain. He does so by putting you in trance that causes you to beat you your own body. He’s pure evil; deceiving with his bewitching self esteem dialogues and corny catchphrases. Along with his accomplices he beguiles you to keep coming back for more physical torture..

But as you continue to lambaste your body, it sculpts itself into a shapely figure. Broad, detailed, lean. It gives you a chance to look like a handsome young devil at the age of 53. Just like Tony Horton.

I just wish he didn’t talk as much during the videos; making it look do goddam easy. Then maybe I wouldn’t dislike him as much.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Here We Go by Chiddy Bang feat. Q-Tip

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The Itchy Feeling Of University

I wish I was writing about how winter term was done and dealt with already. Unfortunately, it’s still hanging around for 2 more weeks.


I can’t wait to blog about pure summer optimism; everything sunny and bright that shimmers at night. But no, the goddam universe decides to slow its course on me. Well, then, fine. I’m gonna start scratching this bloody blogging itch already.


Castles will make anything look appropriately academic.

My stay here at Peg city has been quite a story so far. Being away from la familia and all; trying to stand independent and discovering what makes me what I am. Dozens of lessons have come my way every since. Especially going to university. Walking the hallways as an invisible freshman is daunting in a way that your status is a complete mystery to people. Nonetheless, university has been quite the experience.

So here’s a couple of things I’ve wade through in my first university take:

  • Strangers are strange. Sitting in a massive sociology class with a myriad of anonymous students is awkward. Being the timid person that I am, I didn’t know how to exactly interact with my fellow classmates. The fact that everyone seem so zoned in on the lesson made me think that I was in a class full of robotic intellectuals who don’t care about any social interaction. It was only at the end that the class managed to step out of the tin can shells and socialize with each other.
  • Friendliness is the cure to friendlessness. As I’ve written before, walking the hallways by my lonesome self and sitting in class with little old me can be quite lonely. But sometimes, it just takes a smile and a fake question to initiate a conversation which could lead to decent degree of acquaintance.
  • Canteen food is utter bull. Man, I will never know why I bought chicken strips for 10 dollars! Microwaved meals are magic! If only I found out about it a tad bit sooner. I wouldn’t have wasted good cash on them lousy potatoes!
  • The library is the G-spot. I have zero ghetto cred to know the definition but the library is my favorite place in the whole campus. Being around a thousand  books and people who give no single care about what happens outside is somehow sort of serene. There’s no better place to study.
  • Coffee conviction. I don’t know if caffeine is cosmically bonded to post secondary education and beyond because I’m hooked. I was never the coffee guy. I thought coffee was plain overrated. But a hot sip of caffeinated goodness is like fuel to my engines.
  • University kids love riots. I don’t know for certain if rioting is a Canadian thing but I found that the university is great plateau for young activists who has hot blood to stand against government and stuff. I have yet to join in on a rally for something politically significant but I figure it’s going to be very mean and angry.
  • I actually learn stuff. Okay, I don’t know what happened in high school but I seem to absorb every detail they teach us at university. Also, I feel a slight more significance about the matter taught in university whereas high school lessons just seem to breeze through my my mind. It’s weird

There’s a lot more silly conundrums that I’ve encountered in my first wave of university endeavor. But it’s been fun so far. Not just academically but all around life as well. It’s an entirely new experience with a countless lessons to be learned. And I’m loving it..

I really am.


I just wish it’d finish already.

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“You Can’t See Me”

Okay, so I wasn’t going to blog until I’ve finished all the work that there is during this hell week in uni. But one brilliant genius today, really got my nerves into writing this post.

Here goes..

I was walking home from a fairly average day from uni; the wind was gusty and the leaves rustled. Not too bad of a day. Until a wanna be thrasher kid got all aggressive just because he caught me glancing an eye on them while they we’re skateboarding. They we’re failing at it. But I wasn’t too rude as to laugh at them or give any mischievous look whatsoever so I really have no idea as to why this punk snapped at me.

A**hole: Hey! What you looking at for?!What’s your problem?!

Me: *removes earphones* Nothing mann. What’s your deal?!

A**hole: What you lookin at us for?!  You wanna be dead right now?

Me: Psh. Forget you, mong. *Walks away*

*Glares at me until reaching home*

Although, I have no clue on whoever this guy may be. I am no way hesitating on dubbing him a prime a**hole. Because he is. Now, this guy might be 15-16 years old. But to think he has the least bit sense to think with his balls is downright dumbfounding in my perspective. He’s trying embrace the rebel culture of skater society. Fine. But if you want to have a logical reason as to pick a fight with someone. Well, at least have enough thought in your witless skull that you are outdoors and you are completely visible all around. So unless, I’m blind. Do not ask me as to why I’m looking at you.

One more thing. Thank all that is good and heavenly that I practice the art pacifism or God forbid I would’ve planted one on him square in the face. I won’t even care if he threatened my life for it. And the fact that he did really proves how this guy’s crotch is working his cranium.

Oh my days.

Ruined my whole day.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Bonfire by Childish Gambino

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Because There Is No Such Thing As A Missed Call With Home Telephones

Everybody knows a guy who happens to be obliviously immune to any type of telephone ring or cellular buzz. And this guy is no fun. And this guy is me. And this guy will have his day. And he will miss out. And I did.


So I was expecting a call from this particular pizza place which I’ve applied at. I’ve been waiting for them to get back to me for a good two months now. I’ve been nothing but patient with this one so I got everything covered from inside contacts to backside relations. There was no way I can’t capitalize on this one. All I had to do is pick up and say ‘yes’.

Knowing that I was cursed with the inability to hear ringtones and a sheer knack for being horribly late in picking up the phone. I kept it handy with the outdoor mode on plus vibration and whatnot. I made sure it’s phone-grope-free so I can answer the call before the first ring even ends.

I was ready. I was prepared. This was mine for the taking.

They called me the other night.

And they used the land line number.

They hired another guy.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Lights Out, Words Gone by Bombay Bicycle Club

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Bloody hell.

One of my friend’s brother just got mugged. He got jumped by 5 unknown natives while he was on his way home from a tiring night class. The guy was circled by the lot, fortunately unarmed (?) , asking him to cough up whatever he has. He had a robust body structure that can brawl fairly enough in a tussle but when the numbers are against you, it’s wise to pick your fights sometimes. He tried to take control of the situation before tempers flared up. He proposed to give these scum delinquents 500 dollars.

They took the money and dab-smacked his face.

It was good call to lose 500 dollars than surrender a Mac book and a new Black Berry Bold. Thing is, they come from a well off family who earns money like they grow it at their backyard. I mean what normal person would walk around with that kind of weight in your pocket? That was dumb and fortunate at the same time.

The thing that kills me is this happened about 10 blocks from the university. And these unruly hooligans live nearby their place of residence. And the fact that they now know how loaded this guy is, best believe, this won’t be the first and last.

If I walked on the same street last night with what I had tonight. No doubt, I’d be wounded. Not to mention, dispatched. I have nothing on me but 10 bucks and a synthetic suspicious satchel that can be best mistaken for a laptop bag. Also it accentuates an appearance of one that is from uptown. I’d be jumped for sure.

It’s crazy how we know something can happen but for some reason we think it won’t happen to us.

Note to self: It can happen to anyone.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Truth by Chiddy Bang feat. Passion Pit

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The ‘N’ Word

Kids say the darnest things..

It’s true though. Kids pick up things that we throw away unknowingly including filthy words that we spit out our mouths. It’s interesting how the level of receptiveness is at prime in the early stages and gradually deteriorates to rusty old machine.

Take for example the ‘N’ word. I have a bad habit of impersonating ghetto persona’s of thug-like black men for humorous purposes. don’t get me wrong I am particularly amiable with such likes of people. (Heck, I’m best friends with one) I just think it’s inappropriately funny to end my sentences with the ‘N’ word. No racial issues though.

My nephew is about a good age of 3 years old. He’s can be quite a talker. (Although he sounds gibberish with his words) So when I was playing with him I might have inadvertently used the ‘N’ word. Not knowing well enough, I shrugged it off thinking he’d never equip such word in his vocabulary. And I was never more wrong..

Nephew: Stop hitting me!

Playmate: *hits*

Nephew: I said knock it off!!

Playmate: Make me! *hits again*

Nephew: Cut it out, NEEEEEEEEEGGGAAAAAA! (with crisp intonation and prolonged pronunciation)


I didn’t get a major telling off from my aunt but I was put on the spot; downright embarrassed because he sounded like yours truly. And I didn’t know whether to flattered or appalled by such uncalled for reaction, really. It’s outright mental to contribute to a kid’s socialization process in such disrespectful manner. I’m ashamed.

It’s intriguing to see how quickly kids absorb the outward traits we portray in their presence. And also, how profound they use such knowledge early in their lives. So common moral of the story: don’t be thug-like, ever. Influence is a deadly thing, especially to tender earthlings who don’t know better.


PS- I think the excessive reading of ‘The Catcher In The Rye’ has me going down with a slight Holden Caulfield Syndrome. I can already see hints of it. Lol.

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