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Chemistry: Z

I wrote this a little over a year ago.


I love my friends to the moon and back. And last year, they both gave me a hard time because they were poles apart. They were a representation of two side. X and Y.

But this summer brought about a compound element between the two. And to this date I can’t determine which factor allowed to them cohabit without friction. I don’t know what changed. Maybe they finally saw what I’ve seen years ago, that they are both stark-raving-bonkers. Or maybe they realized that they share the same degree of madness.

Or that we are all in the same plateau in life.

Because really, we are all just trying to make sense out of everything. And it’s hard when you think about how alone you are in the struggle. Dubai is possessed by sheer sense of temporality. And that’s a hard burden to bear for kids. So in theory, I think the common denominator here is the underlying circumstance of being young and find one’s place in it.

But maybe there’s no real science behind it, and it all boils down to chemistry. Fumes and strong liquids. All I know, is and X and Y are in the same group now and I label them my best friends. I just wish I could’ve stuck around longer to see their reactions.

I miss them.

I miss chemistry.


SOTM: Sure Thing by Miguel

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‘The City In The Desert’


You are one great city. And believe me when I tell you that there is nothing like you.

You’re the city in the desert; the breeze in the summer. You built concrete out of sand, and made a home for me. You were honest enough to tell me that I can’t stay forever, that there is a world out there that is waiting for me.

You have introduced me to people that I would have never met elsewhere. And you let them go in front of my eyes to show me that you claimed no citizens only transients- nothing is permanent.

Then you let me go. And I loved you for it.

Thank you for everything. I will write about you until next time.2013-08-15 13.38.00

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Tidal Waves by Kenji

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“The Fault Of Being Young”

A boy and girl affair, this does not end well.

Youth is abundant with love and folly. Juvenile hearts are driven by strong emtotions that seem to override all boundaries of logic. Vernal desires are fueled by curiosity and adventure; a sense of boldness that require little to no thought. Young love is full of hope. It dreams and pursues. But reality is no child’s play.

A friend fell in love at a tender age. He met this girl during a trip across miles and seas. They bonded through many conversations online, spending late nights to compensate for differing timezones. Their emotions grew despite the distance and time, and soon, a relationship bloomed. They stuck it together for many months, even years. It wasn’t always ideal. And with the kind of long distance relationship, they knew being apart is a given.

And it was over…

They were persistent through it all. And finally the universe reckoned it was time for them to be together. He took a flight to be with her at last. For the first time they were able to conquer all the things that separated them. They danced and held hands; they kissed and whispered words to each other; they were a couple, an actual pair for once.

And then it was over..

They went back to their normal lives, but it wasn’t the same anymore. She missed him and he couldn’t be there for her. They tried to continue what they have been doing for so long. But life started to happen for her. She went out and he waited in worry. He took after a certain tone, and she didn’t have it. They spoke until no words are spoken.

And then it was over.

To realize in the end that they were young is wise, but rather too late. The inability to contemplate the many opportunities that lie ahead, various people to meet and places to see and be; all this could have saved both my friends from the troubles of the heart. They could have had it all, everything and each other. If only it wasn’t for the fault of being young.



PS: I envied you guys. I really did. I was rooting for you to go all the way, so you can prove to me that love pays no attention to distance and time. I’m sorry that it all had to end this way. I wish you both the best, whatever pursuit it is in life.

SOTM: Youth by Daughter

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Perks Of A Stranger

Sometimes, I think it’s better if you don’t know me..

You see, there is a certain danger to familiarity. Once the veil is lifted, there is only you. Vulnerable.

Easy to figure out. Susceptible to request. Likely to pardon.

“Put your best foot forward”. So they say. People like to put on their best faces, when they meet others for the first time. I do too. But what I’ve come to notice as they start to know you, is they start to loosen up. And soon, when you’re ready, they start to wear their own skin. Naked.

And when you see them as they are, the rough edges of their personalities unveiled; unashamed anymore of who they are. All of this, you have to accept but without any consent. All the things that you don’t know and don’t want to know about them are all suddenly on the table..

But strangers, they are safe. The cloud of mystery in which the hide behind protects them from the monster underneath the skin of a person. The feeling of the unknown makes people careful of what they say or do, aware of how they act; a sense of intimidation that comes with unfamiliarity which compels respect.

And in return, they are easy to forgive. They are uncomplicated and easy to get along with. They don’t bring their problems and issues. And neither do you. No one cares too much.

“No strings attached”.

Strangers see good people. Strangers know no good people.

So maybe, you shouldn’t know me.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Pieces by Mat Simons

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“University Kid”

It’s been a while since university started..

Man, it’s already getting to me.

University is almost an extraordinary experience. Nothing like high school. Every individual that steps into this academic realm is a student, devoted to a particular set of arts. These are not mere kids tempering with notes and texts. But these are real people finding for some sense of purpose. Such sight is scholarly beauty.

This distinct atmosphere of learning is one that is vast and deep. And sometimes, it can be intimidating because when everybody’s fixated on looking for one’s self they don’t see anybody around. Invisible, well, at least that’s how I feel sometimes. But don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well in that area of circumstance. Although, coming out from hard timid shell goes out to be a real challenge. There are myriad different people out there, and it’s hard to speak up when your mind is running a relay.

Profound knowledge is expected to be found in every academy, no doubt. But apart from the lectures and lessons, a university gives a subtle taste of experience. From what is bitter to sweet, so we would know what fruit we yearn. And we plant it; invest time and effort into it; watering it until it bears fruit. Not as personal harvest but also, for society.

The fact that this scholastic paradigm requires you to think critically about various matters, opting you to reason for yourself as opposed to being taught what to say, I think this is prime education.

University of Winnipeg

So, what I’m really trying to say is, university is an opportunity. And, I’d be an utter fool to let it pass by.

Here’s to working hard and reaping what I sow.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: No Regret by Lecrae

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Look Ma: Summer 2012

Bits and pieces of a grand holiday. 🙂 Dubai/Toronto/Winnipeg

“Look Ma’ is a new segment in 00:00 where I post photographs of things and place, people and food (not really food). I know it’s all over the place right now. But I just wan to put it out there for now and I’ll have them organized when I get the ample time. For now, have a look! Dedicated to my Mum who’s quite insistent that I take pictures of absolutely everything. 🙂

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt. 3

I’m tip-toes away from an inevitable end to summer, but it’s been glorious every step of the way. As always, a mighty finale is without a grand exit. And that’s why the last sunny stretch of my holidays have been most awesome, because it’s always the final impression that sticks out maybe even more than the first one.

Highlights and credits, rolling in. Now.

  • Rooftops are made for friends“. Hung out at my friend’s rooftop overlooking the surreal sunset of Dubai. It was moment of sentiment. Friends, sundown and photographs- it’s cliche. (Shout out to fellow blogger, Renee! Keep on writing.)
  • Walkouts and waterworks. When my dad (Happy belated birthday, Pa!) said “You’ll be leaving soon..”. Thoughts came down like a waterfall; current so strong, can’t even swim out of it. And in a room full of people, my eyes started to water. Damn. So I stormed out before it rained.
  • Three days‘. My last three days in Dubai, my folks took me out every single night. Eating, shopping, loving. It was the highest (and longest) level of fun I’ve had all through out my stay. And knowing that I’ll be making my exit soon made me appreciate every single second of it.
  • Sendoff. Saturation point of happiness. Utter sadness.
  • Touchdown Toronto. Ten days worth of fun distraction. Toronto is a thoroughly immense experience. Big city, bigger people. Daylight busy bodies; nights that walk on its own. Diverse. Downtown buzzing with different people; passing each other, going every direction and up.
  • Reunions. I met up with my good triad of friends at Toronto after 5 long lifetimes. They took me in and around the city which was super sublime. Had plenty of time to catch up and know who they are now. It’s funny how people grow. I had such a grand time.
  • Friendly ‘Nosebleed‘. Had the opportunity to meet some neat people down at Ontario. A wicked bunch who knows how to make a complete riot. Actualizing awkward atmospheres with ample absurdity to ridiculous Filipino accents. Major laughing fits.
  • Winnipeg welcoming. Landed back on Peg City to be received by three nutty naughty boys along with my Aunt. It felt weird to be back- back in my room, back in this timezone, back to work. Damn. But there’s still a tad bit of summer left in Winnipeg, so I’m chasing until it’s gone.
  • ‘One with the univers-ity’. All set for this year’s academic endeavor. Bring it, man. Full load and everything, I’ll be scratching my head, biting my nails until I get you.
  • Continuum. I made post-summer plans. And I’m excited!

So this is the last of  ‘A Sunny Evaluation’. Stay tune though, and see if I managed to accomplish any of my summer goals. (This should be interesting..) But for now, these are things that came to occur during the last leg of summer. It’s been, without a hint of doubt, an amazing one.


I know I’ve been away or quite sometime. It’s been hard to write for a while and I figured I needed a breather; lighten the baggage I’m carrying and wait until my being can already muster enough words. But more importantly, I’m back.


Regular blogging. Here. We. Go.

A Sunny Evaluation Pt.2

PS- Hello, Twitter world aliens! I write sometimes.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Roll For The Sun Part 2 by Courts

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There’s a  thin line on whether a friend is to be considered a ‘best‘ friend. Because, what is there to really prove the legitimacy of a person so as to qualify for such a noble post in your life?

Challenges, experiences, time? Moments of thick and thin? Constant company?


These are natural characteristics of a friend; an individual duty in which they have to fulfill unto the mutual friend. Determining the status of your friendship is to know exactly the type of friends you keep. Classifying your company allows for correlation of priority which is key to sorting out friends.

I have 5 friendly categories that systematize my relationship with people:

  1. The Stranger– Nameless individuals with alien details.
  2. The High-five Friend– A faint acquaintance with little or no knowledge about his/her background. Often shares similar environment in which our mutual existence are both acknowledged.
  3. Pop-up Friend– A buddy for the good times; present in most recreational activities. People that have shared merry moments with me from hanging out to pickup basketball etc. But communication outside the particular activity is nonexistent; all interactions occur within the common bubble.
  4. The Good Friend- A person present in primrose and pain. A good listener in moments of great detail. Almost always there in times of need. A source of good company able to afford many smiles and great conversations. Challenges barriers of time and space.
  5. The Best Friend– A friend through it all; tried and tested by time. Obliged to comfort and compelled to care; bears reciprocal responsibility to maintain relationship. Conquers distances and picks up on the last conversation like instinct. Has a blunt mouth, tender hands, big warm arms and a heart full of loving. Select and special; true to the singularity of the superlative that is ‘best‘ friend.

This is my personal hierarchy in terms of friendship. And this helps me know who is who in my life which is important for we all are dependent to someone but the problem is we don’t know who. I’m not trying to put labels on my friends to restrict their capacity of being one. Nor am I trying to limit the number of friends or best friends you have. All I do is put them in order so I recognize their unique elements and determine what place they have in my life.

Sure, this is open to rearranging and/or addition of classes depending to a person. After all, we all have different standards.

All I want to impress on this post is -knowing who your friends are speaks a lot about knowing yourself.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Friends, Lovers Or Nothing by John Mayer

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A Friendly Blueprint For A Purgatory

There should be a place where friends that used to be can exist. A place in which they are not alive nor dead; a purgatory.

Because in life, we are bound to lose friends. Those who weren’t able to stick long enough; people we once knew, once important to us; friends who we’ve outgrown and one’s that went the other way. Bottom line is, that’s reality.

To be honest, I abhor this fact. I refuse to accept that there is such a thing. But to deny it is downright ludicrous. Still, I can’t bring myself to let people go. Especially those I’ve known to call friends. I value what they mean to me, and so I’ll try my best to hold onto them.

This purgatory of friends is a reach for those who I have come to know; people that mattered and all the past tense peripherals that failed to function in present continuous tone. This is where I put them, a space in which all positive possibilities are open and negatives are nullified. A place where forgiveness is not withheld but made to be processed; an extension where the heart can be rehabilitated and reconciliation is on the table. A station where building blocks of friendships are restored, if not made new.

It’s unknown to me whether this is labyrinth is purely imaginary or plausible at all (I think it is). But the idea, in and of itself, is perfect. Because you don’t lose anything. It’s not to say that the status of that certain friendship won’t have any implications but it will not have to be so much as severe.

Completely fictional, Factually open.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Ghost And The Man by Lakes

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Real “Emoticons”

Emotions cannot fully traverse across virtual ends. And in hopeless circumstance, we use emoticons to convey the least bit of what we truly feel.

: )

I put together a smile with a colon and right bracjet. And from there, we start a conversation; talk about how your day was. We smile at each other’s reply, just to keep it civil. Not that we’re interested but because one of us just want to acknowledge the other -when we really don’t, because we can’t.


We joke around. State the silly affairs we made throughout day; desperate to get a genuine laugh on the other end. Although the mood reeks of utter awkwardness. We stay on..

: ))

We key in an empty laugh. Almost like we’re delirious. Because as much as we try to be genuine, the method won’t allow it. We don’t guffaw at the humorous statements, but at ourselves. For we are..

: s

Baffled. We are in an unprecedented state of confusion where what is virtual seem as reality. But it feels potent, like the backbone of every relationship. But much more feeble as it drags through distance and time.

; )

But we wink at ourselves to assert the situation. But little did we know that our one eye is completely aware of such social network predicament while the other is shut tight, refusing to see the truth..

/: )

Until we start to raise a brow on the temper of our statements. And we see the sheer dullness of our naive friendship.

: /

So we ask more questions, or at least we try to. But none us can answer, because we don’t really know who is on the other end of the line. Surely we don’t want to share the private matters of our heart with an online stranger. So instead, we answer our own questions..

x _ x

Can’t watch to see the consequences of innocent internet intimacy; thorough disbelief on the friendship between two strangers. Because we can’t afford to look away from the time, thought and emotion we invested.



: (

Saddened by the facts of our online dilemma. I grieve for your emotions, whether you had them or not. And most of all I mourn for mine. Because after all this LDR torment, I sit here tapping on my letters forever pessimistic.

: x

So I stop talking to you. Because I want to detach from it all, you. Because every word you type punctuates hope in me..

: $

A day will come when I won’t be embarrassed by what I feel. Because I want you to be real. But until then, I’ll enter in a smile from time to time; make you think everything is alright.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Please Don’t by Leo Stannard

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