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Music is a free moving spirit that makes way through your ear and into your soul. It’s the drumming of your heartbeat, the strumming of your emotions, that gentle bass of you raising pulse and the subtle voice of your soul. I always figured music is something much more and it is..

Music is an experience.

I’ve been listening to a band named Bombay Bicycle Club for a quite sometime now. So when I heard they were coming to our little humble city. I leaped the distance it took them to get here. I took my time in getting tickets for their gig thinking they’re too indie to sell a full house. They did. And I had to pay triple the price of a normal ticket to see them. Sweet damn.. They were worth every penny.

One of their guest performers happened to be the lovely, Lucy Rose. She’s one of the very first UK-based artists I ever listened to and I fell in love with her right from the start. Her calm mellow voice is as still as the the winter breeze. I can’t help but think she’s an angel who walk with mortals as a hobby.

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Another band that accompanied BBC were called The Darcys. Frankly, I’ve never heard of them before. But it turns out they’re a band of Canadians from Toronto. I must say, I was pretty impressed my they’re excellent instrumentals and the passion they have for  their craft. A promising band, no doubt.

Music Playlist at

Last but not the least. The Bombay Bicycle Club. The feel of indie rock just rupturing in their performance. They’re music was natural and powerful. They played songs that made the heart jump. It’s no wonder they’re the biggest band in the UK right now. I won’t hesitate to dub them as The Beatles of the indie realm.

Music Playlist at

What a night. Massive.

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More Okay Than Alright..

Good things happen.. Sometimes, we just fail to acknowledge them because they’re small and modest. But never insignificant.

I recently blogged about the my fresh frustrations and present predicaments.(Before I Keep Calm And Carry On, I Plead Guilty) And it need not be said that I was under the influence of the wrong company: Sadness and Anger. Friends that I’m not too proud of. But this weekend, Hope visited me.

Good times..

This weekend I received my first ever paycheck. And that should speak for itself. It gives a sincere realization of how it’s like to earn a living which really convicted my young naive self. At the same time, I found it very rewarding. Also, I’m finally starting to pick up on this complex system of writing an essay. And I even figured out a way to salvage my early written 4 paged report! Last but not the least, Bombay Bicycle Club. I shall write a separate post regarding their out standing performance. But sweet damn, they were immense.

I could go on and on about how I went snow-tubing and froze my face like an ice-lolly. But I’m just going to keep all the unnecessary babbling to myself. Besides, all I wanted to tell myself is that I’m alright.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Be Alright by Lucy Rose

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I Plead Guilty..

If there’s a term that can be coined in reference to one’s efforts being considered as complete vain. Then, whatever so called name it presents itself with should not happen to meet me in the dim streets of Portage. Or good heavens, blood will be spilled on the cotton grounds which rests the snow.

But suppose the long arm of the law finds it’s way up my buttocks. I shall confess to Frustration as my leading accomplice. I would testify that its anger inducing influence had lead me to a bloody act of murder concerning the aforementioned victim. Innocent and ill-fated.

I would nonetheless count on my English teacher to serve as a witness for the helpless victim. Upon experiencing an abrupt behavior in class  in cahoots with the aforesaid confederate, Frustration. She will make it a case to attest that her criticism of my 4 paged long essay written in sheer blood-clot and mental sweat have triggered a lack of interest in what she was reciting as to be the exact reason for my written work’s flaws. Then a mentioning of my sharp facial expression depicting serious distemper would be stated; that in my exit, the cold atmosphere effected steam as my subtle ire flares up.

This would conclude the jury to come to a final decision that the suspect, yours truly, is clearly liable for the crime of frustrated homicide. While his associate to the crime at hand transpires to be but a mere figment of imagination; one that came into being upon the denial of efforts made. I would then be sentenced to a reconstruction of the written work from the scraps of identifiable content that remains in the noted essay for a long 5 days and 5 nights, including the weekend. In short, death penalty.



SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Sky Might Fall by Kid Cudi

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Brother Bear And Birthdays

Today is the birthday of one of the most selfless young men of our time. And in commemoration, I not only propose an applause and a firm shake of hand. I am compelled to salute this fine chap for always being there for me.. Especially now. that I’m not present with him.

I regret all the times I took you for granted. You have matured into a respectable lad; a responsible individual fit to lead himself. You’ve always been that type. And when it counts the most, you have blessed others with your bold heart and optimistic character.

Happy birthday!

Know that you’re the best.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Sana Helwa Ya Gameel (An Arabic equivalent of The Happy Birthday Song)

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Before I Keep Calm And Carry On..

I guess I could say that my recent preference not to write has been all but deliberate. But since there is no point in fiddling with the matter. Then I suppose I should just come out straight with it..

I feel a tad bit sad. 😦

My parent’s prior phone call a few days back have made it certain that I feel so. As they inquire about my daily endeavors and regular food intake, they somehow felt the need to ask for an evaluation of my social relationships. I was stumped. All I could reply was incomprehensible murmurs of continuous “ummm”. And so it dawned on me..

1.) I currently have no friends.

Sure, I have acquainted myself with a number of  high-five friends which by all means, have been good people. Also, I’ve spent a relative amount of time with them and I found it worthwhile. But I just can’t seem to find the right bunch (or a fit person for that matter) to be considered a real friend.

Should I choose my friends or not?

This is certainly a controversial matter that is open to intellectual debate. But in hopes of saving myself the burden of over-thinking on such issue. I shall let the universe decide it for me. And whether or not it is the universe’s occupation to fulfill the duty, I for sure, would not trouble myself with it.

Given in my current predicament is the sheer nostalgia of what life used to be. The times of clear joy and content without challenge from distance nor time. When the only thing that separated me from my family were concrete walls and not serious mileage. Where my friends have all been figured out and their company is always on the clock.

2.) I miss home.

I’ve been trying to get accustomed to this (still) foreign land ever since I’ve stepped foot on it’s snowy grounds. But it’s just hard to call it home when the bare necessities of what constitutes to a home are not present. Don’t get me wrong, Winnipeg is a lovely place, just not a home for me yet.

Lastly, of all the godforsaken misfortunes and mischances. Why do I have to be the victim of inadvertent deprivation of tickets to one of today’s most excellent musical entertainers. I put to question my Asian qualities for a complete disregard to punctuality because I’m finding this particular stereotype to be true.

3.) Tickets to Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose were sold out.

I am indeed baffled by the fact that their music is considered ‘Indie’ yet people are well informed to an extent of passes becoming sold out. I know that ‘Indie’ is but a mere genre but I’ll be damned for not anticipating such crowd. And oh, I still feel like horse feces about it.

I guess that concludes my current dilemma. If any good has come out of this. It is that I’ve finally exhaled all the heavy air that have rendered my chest strained. And as tomorrow makes its way, I..

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Young Blood by Birdy

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It’s A Tuesday, I Watch My Shows On Tuesdays..

This is how I conquered the love infested day that is Valentines. A good dose of Big Bang Theory marathon. I wonder if today’s particular event had anything to do with my relative urge to binge though. Nonetheless, today has been pretty weird. Like, profoundly baffling.

I cannot specify why exactly..

But if there there was a faint scent of endearment, I think I gasped it; if there was a slight resonance of enchantment, I might have heard it; if there was a quick blur of affection, I could’ve sworn I saw it; if there was a warm breeze of sentiment, God knows I felt it. But I don’t want to consider all of these right now.

It’s nice to know she remembers though.. It’s really nice.


PS- My nephew shared some of his heart-shaped chocolates with me which inadvertently made me very sick in the hypothalamus. 😦

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Assassin by John Mayer

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I am a competitor.

I’m not going to front. I’m not the most athletic guy on the squad. I’m not a legitimate scorer. Neither, am I a complete basketball player. The only thing I have is the heart to play hard. I don’t know how far the phrase “die for the ball” can go. But bet your bottom dollar, I’m running away with it every time.

And with the sheer determination to play hard comes the reward of winning. I love winning. I’m not saying I win all the time. But I sure try. I take victory as my prize for each and every effort I make on the court. I could barely care if I don’t get the ball, shoot the ball or miss the ball. All I want is the win. We can talk about numbers all day, but at the end of it all, it’s the letters that count.

I have been win-less for the past 3 ball skirmishes. And, the hefty frustration seems to be beating me down even more. I try not to make excuses in terms of defeat. So I deem even the most viable reasons invalid when it comes to losses. Yeah, sure the other team is bigger and stronger. “Any given Sunday”, bruv. Anyone can win.

And If I would be dubbed as a sore loser, then dub be as prime. But I do understand that one cannot win all games. There will always be a winner and a loser. I just prefer being on the winning side most of the time. Although I don’t believe in moral victories. I do acknowledge the fact that I learned lessons in my losses and it has paid off in the latter games.

This post might seem too very jock-like cocky. But believe me when I say I love this sport so much that I strive to play it the right way with all my best. People often say “it’s just a game, play it and have fun”. But I would argue with that notion, isn’t winning fun too?

I can’t wait for the next time I step my foot on the court. God knows, I’ll be all but ready to run everyone out of the gym.


Shout out to Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks who’s having the pinnacle moments of his young career.

I remember watching him come off from Harvard where they spawn lawyers. No one ever thought he was cut out for the big boy league. But seeing him best John Wall, the first pick of the draft, in the Summer League immediately converted me into a believer. But Lin got lost under the radar playing for the Golden State Warriors with a talented back court of  Ellis and Curry. But jump into a season after, he’s now playing the best games of his life. Linsanity.

This is for more Asian talents in the NBA. And more ill conceived Lin puns..

PS- Floyd Mayweather, you might not have lost a bout yet. But hell, you sure damn lost your mind. You don’t see Asians undermining all the black talents in the NBA. Heck, they all even look up to them. Give credit when credit is due, bonehead. Jeremy Lin pray for this fool.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Falling Star by Kid Cudi, Florence And The Machine (R3K Remix)

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Hell Week

I’ve just been through hell for these past 5 days. I danced with the fervent flicker of inferno as battled through my first ever university exam. I shook hands with the devil as I started my first day of job in this local pizza place; He gave me a firm fiery shake and burnt my hand. I met up with witches in the dead of the night as I mug up words from the book of scholastic spells. And Hades always gave me his warmest of welcomes as I tread on for my morning travels.

Bloody, bloody hell.

Nobody ever made it out from hell. But I bet you if anyone did, he would sleep. Because he was deafened by the moans of persecution as his mind is torched dry with pedantic pyre. He would go out and watch a movie because in hell all you see is black. Black letters, black ink, black coffee. The man would write. Such unbelievable survival from the oven of fiascoes is one to be recorded. Lastly, he would embrace the weekend that shed light to his darkened days. And he will rejoice.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Blood (Cover) by Mree

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Pretty Little Liar

Sometimes we learn what we’re not taught.

That’s the thought that would underline the gist of my talk tonight. Where in the world do kids learn how to lie deliberately? No mum in the right mind would ever mistake to teach her kids things immoral.

My little nephew about  the age of 6, came to my room in dire need of help with his homework. I say ‘dire’ because he was itching to kill countless minutes of his precious childhood playing Dragonvale. (Admittedly, I squander valuable time in that game too. :p) I told him to get started while I went about my business for some time. Upon getting back, he sprung up with his hands ready to nab the iPad; he claimed to have finished reading his book and obliged me to sign the paper as formality. I was in no doubt. Until..

Me: What’s the title of the book again? I need to write it on the paper.

Nephew: It’s there! *points at the book*

Me: I know it’s there, what’s the title? ( gets strongly suspicious)

Nephew: I forgot.

Me: *doubtful stare-down*

Nephew: Aaa–uu-nunu-tt…

Me: Aunt Jessie.

Nephew: *smiles cheekily*

Now whether he told his folks about it as I instructed him to, is not important. But the thing that baffles me the most is how in such fresh age of mind did he acquire the knowledge to lie. As much as I don’t want to brush off the topic of biological determinism for the sake of sociological irritation. It seems to me that our innate sinfulness is ripe right from the start of our existence.

I’m not going to front. I’ve mastered the art of deceit to a certain degree that I’m capable of smoothly winging through and around concrete truth. Everyone does. But it would be nonsensical for mature individuals to condone such practices. And we don’t usually pass our untruthful habits off. Children will find their access to dishonesty regardless. Now there could be countless sociological reasons as to why. But I’m going to leave it as such.

It’s just mental to witness the early roots of our disgrace evident  even in a childhood frame.

We’re born bad, but to be bad is a choice, and to be saved is grace.

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See What They Say: Forrest Gump

My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Momma says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Lieutenant Dan:  Have you found Jesus yet, Gump?

Forrest Gump: I didn’t know I was supposed to be looking for him, sir.

Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.

What’s my destiny, momma?

This is going down as one of my all time favorites now. Forrest Gump is a remarkable film with a rich and profound story. And though this is not a movie review. I have to tip my hat off to this tremendous motion picture that left me running after a sure replay. And I swear to Bubba’s poor soul, I’m gonna have me that ‘Bubba Gump’ hat.

And I’ll tip my hat off again.

PS- There’s lots of wise words in this film, not to mention, witty. But these are what struck me the most. I do know I’ve missed some really good ones though.


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