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Real “Emoticons”

Emotions cannot fully traverse across virtual ends. And in hopeless circumstance, we use emoticons to convey the least bit of what we truly feel.

: )

I put together a smile with a colon and right bracjet. And from there, we start a conversation; talk about how your day was. We smile at each other’s reply, just to keep it civil. Not that we’re interested but because one of us just want to acknowledge the other -when we really don’t, because we can’t.


We joke around. State the silly affairs we made throughout day; desperate to get a genuine laugh on the other end. Although the mood reeks of utter awkwardness. We stay on..

: ))

We key in an empty laugh. Almost like we’re delirious. Because as much as we try to be genuine, the method won’t allow it. We don’t guffaw at the humorous statements, but at ourselves. For we are..

: s

Baffled. We are in an unprecedented state of confusion where what is virtual seem as reality. But it feels potent, like the backbone of every relationship. But much more feeble as it drags through distance and time.

; )

But we wink at ourselves to assert the situation. But little did we know that our one eye is completely aware of such social network predicament while the other is shut tight, refusing to see the truth..

/: )

Until we start to raise a brow on the temper of our statements. And we see the sheer dullness of our naive friendship.

: /

So we ask more questions, or at least we try to. But none us can answer, because we don’t really know who is on the other end of the line. Surely we don’t want to share the private matters of our heart with an online stranger. So instead, we answer our own questions..

x _ x

Can’t watch to see the consequences of innocent internet intimacy; thorough disbelief on the friendship between two strangers. Because we can’t afford to look away from the time, thought and emotion we invested.



: (

Saddened by the facts of our online dilemma. I grieve for your emotions, whether you had them or not. And most of all I mourn for mine. Because after all this LDR torment, I sit here tapping on my letters forever pessimistic.

: x

So I stop talking to you. Because I want to detach from it all, you. Because every word you type punctuates hope in me..

: $

A day will come when I won’t be embarrassed by what I feel. Because I want you to be real. But until then, I’ll enter in a smile from time to time; make you think everything is alright.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Please Don’t by Leo Stannard

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‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan’

As an avid sports fan, I enjoy the intense level of competition, the skillful orchestra of talents and the loud impact of a crowd. And being able to identify myself with such elements allow me to experience sports into a whole other level. I give the game it’s full glory.

As I become a part of the game. the game becomes a part of me.

I may not compete in a professional level but there’s little athlete spirit in me that yearns contentious encounters; thriving to win. But being both a competitor and an enthusiast, the outcome of the game either give’s me one of the two: a quick heartbeat or an idle heartache.

This is ‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan‘.

  • When the team you’re rooting for wins. Any statement against the fact is invalid.*A royal flush to the face of haters.
  • On the flip-side, and the team falls otherwise. Be prepared to be verbally assaulted also, have your mother shamed.
  • The Gods of Sports are bipolar. They can turn the basket into a pool-sized hoop.
  • They can also transform the ball into a giant whale. And you cannot question there judgement.
  • Players overcome injuries. Do everything in one foot.
  • Players can lose a foot. And some few teeth.
  • Comeback wins. Classic underdog stuff.
  • Trashing. Humiliation of the highest degree.
  • A win set in stone. Watched just to witness excellence.
  • A win set in coins. Watched referees/judges get paid.
  • Scores from on-call wagers
  • Loses gas money on Sports Select.
  • Wings and beer.
  • Too many wings and beer.

Shout out to LBJ and the whole Miami Heat organization. Expect a miscall from The King all of you naysayers.


*A championship weighs heavier than a single win, a rival win, or any individual accolade.

PS- Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, robbed. I’m still not over that. November 2012.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Touch the Sky by Kanye West Vs. The XX (Carlos Serrano Mix)

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Young Love

I’m a hopeless veterinarian..

There is no remedy for the youthful tomfoolery that is ‘Puppy Love‘.

The seemingly innocent relationships that kids have over there fond understanding of what is love. And yes, I’m talking about 12-16 year olds desperately voyaging to the raging realm of romance without a lick of knowing what’s out there.

Adults have been breaking there heads over such matters of the heart. And to no avail, hearts still broken. I don’t mean to be over-cliche. Not to mention, cheesy. But this is the young dilemma.

The human life cycle is flawed: Kids act like adults and adults act like children.

Or perhaps there is no understanding what real love is..

But to kids in pursuit of heart struggles. Don’t. Stay as a child. Play with your video games. Make friends, not enemies; smile for now and cry later. Learn to walk on your own before you hold someone by the hand. Take your time on growing up. Because the world is in a hurry, but you can afford to take it slow.

Don’t take to heart what you hear from pathetic poppy songs and their misguided lyrics. Such experiences can’t possibly be digested with such naive perception. Even if they try, the meaning of it is distorted.

I can preach like bishop about you’re to young and reckless.  Don’t play games with fire.

And burn your tiny hands.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: While You’re Out There Looking For Sugar by Joss Stone

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Filtering ‘Friends’

There are people who matter and people that don’t.

I don’t know how I can relay this statement without any less of delicateness. But it’s true.

I found that sometime’s in life we misconstrue friends from mere acquaintances. Don’t get me wrong, nobody gains friends in an instance. But sometimes when we don’t bother to sift our relationships. We can’t distinguish who our real friends are. And it’s only at such difficult times we finally realize those who count.

There’s an ample lot of elements that play into the anatomy of a friend. The bond the courses through like blood in relationships; the time invested in another one’s thoughts. But as time goes on, so does the people. And some outgrow one another.

Today, I’ll be deleting friends in my Facebook account. And I don’t mean to sound any more pompous but there are people I feel like, I don’t relate with. And so, people that I no longer know; from ex-bestfriends to the little irrelevant acquaintances. I’m making the cut. I’m not deleting them solely of my current circumstance. Or because I have more friends to spare. It’s because time and life have tested each friendship. Unfortunately, we (not ‘they‘) didn’t withstand the tides.

But, I’m glad to have met these people. And all those little memories that they’ve imparted unto my days. As sad as it may seem, I’m happy to know the people that matter. Hopefully, we keep each other.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Depth Over Distance by Ben Howard

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt.1

It’s been a good month of vacationing. Hanging out, eating, loitering, not writing.. It’s all swell and good. But not really the optimum productivity level I was hoping for. It’s that goddam ‘Summer Paradox’ I tell you!

Although my first month has been a good time to catch up with my folks, I wasn’t really able to keep a lay-low after telling a handful of people about my arrival. I could just imagined if I announced it. But just to give you a early overview of my holidays. Here’s what’s been up:

  • La Familia is the same and will always stay the same. It was as if it was just yesterday when me and my folks picked up our last conversation. And if you think we’ve grown apart, you’d be damn wrong. Talking to these guys is like a discourse of sheer clarity.
  • Good eats! From home cooked meals to fancy joints. Not to mention a bucket of KFC. I’ve enjoyed loads of fine flavored foods this past month. And yes, I am eating rice on a daily basis.
  • No workout. Fat.
  • Dusty dribbles. They have a good bunch of ballers down at them sandy asphalt courts. Boys who’ve got a winning pedigree in their varsity background. I smell blood and competition. I’m so rusty though! Have to step my game up.
  • Spiritual comeback. My climb to the feet of the cross is nearing to its destination. I’ve had much clarity thanks to the people used by God as instruments. Almost there.
  • Money matters. I feel like I’ve shopped like a posh blonde for the lack of a better simile.
  • “Lettuce Ketchup”. I’ve had sometime to catch up with a few close people. And I have to say that I’m very much thankful that these people stayed the same in regards to our friendship. Quick to advise and alert to listen. If there is depth over distance, this should be it.
  • Schoolboy troubles. Thanks to my folks utter nagging to determine my academic pursuits. I’ve had much progress on choosing what major to take and what subjects to sign up for.
  • Tongue-tied Tagalog. Tagalog is the Filipino dialect. One that I’ve grown apart from and is currently re-learning. Not to mention sucking.

The list isn’t as elaborate. Coupled by a lacking on post entries, this is not a detailed summer rundown. I have to admit that I’ve been duped by that sunny phantom named ‘procrastination’. And so, I spent my days not writing.

But like a train that runs on steam. I’ve been thinking. And I’ll be soon to let out the smoke.

PS. I will have to print the lists I’ve written down prior my vacation. I’m gonna have to staple it on my forehead.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: I’ll Be Alright by Passion Pit

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“Damn Summer Hysteria”



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Every Stranger

Today, I saw a girl.

Her hair was tied up in a bun-like style; effortless, almost impromptu. Specs hung on her perfectly angled nose, with radiant eyes that look better with glasses off. She wore a long summer dress complimented by a cardigan; I can only imagine a soft skin trying it’s best to hide from the sun’s cruel gaze. Her hand held a magazine which boast intellect. She was lovely.

Like summer breeze.

She just got out of the train station, awaiting the same bus as me. She was looking around, her view was scattered. But mine was fixed on her. My thoughts trying to get it’s act together. I felt a need to say something. Anything. Or maybe even Coffee. But alas, such pursuit is not for wimps without a pair.

I was a stranger. But then again. So is everyone else. I don’t know why I can’t have myself speak words when it counts. I feel like I’m always a question away from things..

And, I will never see her again.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn

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Inevitable was the talk.

I love this fact about my folks: I can talk about virtually anything that I’ve been mulling over for a long time and they are able to process everything on the fly; making complete sense of whatever it is that baffles me.

They certainly are the ones that ground me down at the same time enables me to keep my eyes above. Though I’ve relied on them for quite a lot, I still feel the need to come to them for aid.

If it weren’t for these guys, I would’ve lost myself entirely during my stay on the liberal lands of the west.

And now that I’m back. The parents that once nurtured my faith are back on the grind. Repairs, repairs, repairs.

They were the chisels that sharpened me. And now again.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Don’t You Worry by Lucy Rose

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A lack of blog-posts can only mean two things: nothing is happening or too many happenings.

There have only been a few significant occurrences that have come to past ever since my return. None momentously worthy to write about. Okay, no. Some may have possibly been muddled by summer procrastinationTragic.

All the pre-holiday hype deflated with a mundane start. Could this be a sign of things to come? I damn sure hope not! But I just found out that the holy month of Ramadan(*) falls on July. So that leaves me only the whole June to enjoy some daylight gallivanting. Uff.

I have to liven up and go about adventures! Can’t waste another minute playing Halo solo-campaign.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Sure Thing by Miguel

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