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Zone out.

Eat a hefty meal.

Take a nap.

Take a shower.

Take your time.

Shake off the frustration.

Now. You’re ready to work.

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“No Sleep for the Non-Roman”

I lay awake at night, sometimes. Thinking to myself, questions and answers about life and the world I live in; the people that I encounter; time and moments instilled in my memory. I’d like to think I’m profound, but maybe I’m distressed..

Yes. No.

I don’t know.

Certainly, there other things to live for, other aspects of this vast universe worthy of thought. But I’m utterly stumped with this idea that my tiny existence in this massive Earth will cause me to live a life unfulfilled. Unfulfilled because this grand world is too big for my most humble entity to consume. Yet, it’s so easy for reality to eat me up alive.

I believe in God, Jesus. And from what He says, I am not a part of this world. Therefore I should not succumb myself to this land, but to the heavens above. Cliche as it seems, this is a daunting task. To live in Rome but not as a Roman. How can a man live his life and act dead to it?

I’m haunted by this thought that the same immense God is shrinking the world I breathe in. And, I’m in the midst of suffocating like, He doesn’t want me to inhale the air of this abyss until I find myself out of breath, dead. Dead to this world. Is this why he created my essence so miniature compared to the size of this world? Just to show me that I am not capable of experiencing the entirety of this human realm; that I will be quickly exhausted before I even come close to tasting a hint of this Earth?


I wait for the night that I will finally sleep at ease and these thoughts will be alas, laid to rest. Because, my mind is tired and my heart is heavy. This double-standard life is thoroughly depleting.

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The Beginning

I got a dream, man.

I have a desire to become ‘somebody‘. A person that is molded by knowledge and experience; one that came from scratch like a diamond in the rough, an individual forged by the work ethic and determination. I want to be that kid that came a long way with a humble start; living in his aunt’s basement writing midnight musings about life and, dreams.

I want to be a master of words. Skillfully literal with a sharp tongue but a sharper mind, wielding criticism with compassion like the careful cutting of a scalpel; allowed to kill but able to give life. I want to be sweet and fluent, authentic and true. I want to tame my mouth  like a lion on a leash; mind-control the beast when it wants to devour. I want to be a master of words.

It’s simple a concept. But the process is long and tedious.





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