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Passion Fruit

This one is about passion.

What is your passion?

Because you can pretty much like anything, and you can do whatever it is that you like until you don’t like it anymore. But passion, that’s something that traverses over one’s superficial preference. It’s a calling.

Circumstances vary like the weather. It could be sunny and it could pour. But whatever the weather, passion remains the same. Passion doesn’t stop when the air is thin and the way up is foggy, it treads on. It’s a reason.

What you love the most could be what could hurt you the most, but it’s also what could love you the most. Passion is a cycle, one that feeds off of itself. It’s a source of worth. A life and death. It’s a purpose.

But passion doesn’t come looking for you. You have to look for it. And it can hide in so many places that you might not even guess. Passion is elusive. But then again no treasure were never buried.

Writing is my passion. And it scares me because it’s the only thing in the world I know that I want to do. No plan B. I can’t think of anything else I can do for a living that would give me the utmost satisfaction. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

It’s funny. I only know because I don’t know.

Maybe, passion is a paradox…

But for the sake of it

Let me write every word with passion.


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A kid is an epitome of humanity.

It’s true. Kids are raw, blunt and unrestricted. They are not bound by responsibility but they require much care. Their sheer honesty is brutal and their thoughts unfiltered.They can hurt you severely, but they can love you completely.

They contain both good and bad. They go up and down. They never walk, they always run. Never sit still, but always buzzing around. They cry when they’re hurt and laugh so loud, they run out air.

The sense to make sense is nonsensical to a little one, but what really makes sense is nonsense. Because nonsense is really not complicated. And they like it.

People grow up. But to say we’re not like kids is childish.

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Perks Of A Stranger

Sometimes, I think it’s better if you don’t know me..

You see, there is a certain danger to familiarity. Once the veil is lifted, there is only you. Vulnerable.

Easy to figure out. Susceptible to request. Likely to pardon.

“Put your best foot forward”. So they say. People like to put on their best faces, when they meet others for the first time. I do too. But what I’ve come to notice as they start to know you, is they start to loosen up. And soon, when you’re ready, they start to wear their own skin. Naked.

And when you see them as they are, the rough edges of their personalities unveiled; unashamed anymore of who they are. All of this, you have to accept but without any consent. All the things that you don’t know and don’t want to know about them are all suddenly on the table..

But strangers, they are safe. The cloud of mystery in which the hide behind protects them from the monster underneath the skin of a person. The feeling of the unknown makes people careful of what they say or do, aware of how they act; a sense of intimidation that comes with unfamiliarity which compels respect.

And in return, they are easy to forgive. They are uncomplicated and easy to get along with. They don’t bring their problems and issues. And neither do you. No one cares too much.

“No strings attached”.

Strangers see good people. Strangers know no good people.

So maybe, you shouldn’t know me.


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“University Kid”

It’s been a while since university started..

Man, it’s already getting to me.

University is almost an extraordinary experience. Nothing like high school. Every individual that steps into this academic realm is a student, devoted to a particular set of arts. These are not mere kids tempering with notes and texts. But these are real people finding for some sense of purpose. Such sight is scholarly beauty.

This distinct atmosphere of learning is one that is vast and deep. And sometimes, it can be intimidating because when everybody’s fixated on looking for one’s self they don’t see anybody around. Invisible, well, at least that’s how I feel sometimes. But don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well in that area of circumstance. Although, coming out from hard timid shell goes out to be a real challenge. There are myriad different people out there, and it’s hard to speak up when your mind is running a relay.

Profound knowledge is expected to be found in every academy, no doubt. But apart from the lectures and lessons, a university gives a subtle taste of experience. From what is bitter to sweet, so we would know what fruit we yearn. And we plant it; invest time and effort into it; watering it until it bears fruit. Not as personal harvest but also, for society.

The fact that this scholastic paradigm requires you to think critically about various matters, opting you to reason for yourself as opposed to being taught what to say, I think this is prime education.

University of Winnipeg

So, what I’m really trying to say is, university is an opportunity. And, I’d be an utter fool to let it pass by.

Here’s to working hard and reaping what I sow.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: No Regret by Lecrae

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There’s a  thin line on whether a friend is to be considered a ‘best‘ friend. Because, what is there to really prove the legitimacy of a person so as to qualify for such a noble post in your life?

Challenges, experiences, time? Moments of thick and thin? Constant company?


These are natural characteristics of a friend; an individual duty in which they have to fulfill unto the mutual friend. Determining the status of your friendship is to know exactly the type of friends you keep. Classifying your company allows for correlation of priority which is key to sorting out friends.

I have 5 friendly categories that systematize my relationship with people:

  1. The Stranger– Nameless individuals with alien details.
  2. The High-five Friend– A faint acquaintance with little or no knowledge about his/her background. Often shares similar environment in which our mutual existence are both acknowledged.
  3. Pop-up Friend– A buddy for the good times; present in most recreational activities. People that have shared merry moments with me from hanging out to pickup basketball etc. But communication outside the particular activity is nonexistent; all interactions occur within the common bubble.
  4. The Good Friend- A person present in primrose and pain. A good listener in moments of great detail. Almost always there in times of need. A source of good company able to afford many smiles and great conversations. Challenges barriers of time and space.
  5. The Best Friend– A friend through it all; tried and tested by time. Obliged to comfort and compelled to care; bears reciprocal responsibility to maintain relationship. Conquers distances and picks up on the last conversation like instinct. Has a blunt mouth, tender hands, big warm arms and a heart full of loving. Select and special; true to the singularity of the superlative that is ‘best‘ friend.

This is my personal hierarchy in terms of friendship. And this helps me know who is who in my life which is important for we all are dependent to someone but the problem is we don’t know who. I’m not trying to put labels on my friends to restrict their capacity of being one. Nor am I trying to limit the number of friends or best friends you have. All I do is put them in order so I recognize their unique elements and determine what place they have in my life.

Sure, this is open to rearranging and/or addition of classes depending to a person. After all, we all have different standards.

All I want to impress on this post is -knowing who your friends are speaks a lot about knowing yourself.

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Young Love

I’m a hopeless veterinarian..

There is no remedy for the youthful tomfoolery that is ‘Puppy Love‘.

The seemingly innocent relationships that kids have over there fond understanding of what is love. And yes, I’m talking about 12-16 year olds desperately voyaging to the raging realm of romance without a lick of knowing what’s out there.

Adults have been breaking there heads over such matters of the heart. And to no avail, hearts still broken. I don’t mean to be over-cliche. Not to mention, cheesy. But this is the young dilemma.

The human life cycle is flawed: Kids act like adults and adults act like children.

Or perhaps there is no understanding what real love is..

But to kids in pursuit of heart struggles. Don’t. Stay as a child. Play with your video games. Make friends, not enemies; smile for now and cry later. Learn to walk on your own before you hold someone by the hand. Take your time on growing up. Because the world is in a hurry, but you can afford to take it slow.

Don’t take to heart what you hear from pathetic poppy songs and their misguided lyrics. Such experiences can’t possibly be digested with such naive perception. Even if they try, the meaning of it is distorted.

I can preach like bishop about you’re to young and reckless.  Don’t play games with fire.

And burn your tiny hands.

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Filtering ‘Friends’

There are people who matter and people that don’t.

I don’t know how I can relay this statement without any less of delicateness. But it’s true.

I found that sometime’s in life we misconstrue friends from mere acquaintances. Don’t get me wrong, nobody gains friends in an instance. But sometimes when we don’t bother to sift our relationships. We can’t distinguish who our real friends are. And it’s only at such difficult times we finally realize those who count.

There’s an ample lot of elements that play into the anatomy of a friend. The bond the courses through like blood in relationships; the time invested in another one’s thoughts. But as time goes on, so does the people. And some outgrow one another.

Today, I’ll be deleting friends in my Facebook account. And I don’t mean to sound any more pompous but there are people I feel like, I don’t relate with. And so, people that I no longer know; from ex-bestfriends to the little irrelevant acquaintances. I’m making the cut. I’m not deleting them solely of my current circumstance. Or because I have more friends to spare. It’s because time and life have tested each friendship. Unfortunately, we (not ‘they‘) didn’t withstand the tides.

But, I’m glad to have met these people. And all those little memories that they’ve imparted unto my days. As sad as it may seem, I’m happy to know the people that matter. Hopefully, we keep each other.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Depth Over Distance by Ben Howard

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt.1

It’s been a good month of vacationing. Hanging out, eating, loitering, not writing.. It’s all swell and good. But not really the optimum productivity level I was hoping for. It’s that goddam ‘Summer Paradox’ I tell you!

Although my first month has been a good time to catch up with my folks, I wasn’t really able to keep a lay-low after telling a handful of people about my arrival. I could just imagined if I announced it. But just to give you a early overview of my holidays. Here’s what’s been up:

  • La Familia is the same and will always stay the same. It was as if it was just yesterday when me and my folks picked up our last conversation. And if you think we’ve grown apart, you’d be damn wrong. Talking to these guys is like a discourse of sheer clarity.
  • Good eats! From home cooked meals to fancy joints. Not to mention a bucket of KFC. I’ve enjoyed loads of fine flavored foods this past month. And yes, I am eating rice on a daily basis.
  • No workout. Fat.
  • Dusty dribbles. They have a good bunch of ballers down at them sandy asphalt courts. Boys who’ve got a winning pedigree in their varsity background. I smell blood and competition. I’m so rusty though! Have to step my game up.
  • Spiritual comeback. My climb to the feet of the cross is nearing to its destination. I’ve had much clarity thanks to the people used by God as instruments. Almost there.
  • Money matters. I feel like I’ve shopped like a posh blonde for the lack of a better simile.
  • “Lettuce Ketchup”. I’ve had sometime to catch up with a few close people. And I have to say that I’m very much thankful that these people stayed the same in regards to our friendship. Quick to advise and alert to listen. If there is depth over distance, this should be it.
  • Schoolboy troubles. Thanks to my folks utter nagging to determine my academic pursuits. I’ve had much progress on choosing what major to take and what subjects to sign up for.
  • Tongue-tied Tagalog. Tagalog is the Filipino dialect. One that I’ve grown apart from and is currently re-learning. Not to mention sucking.

The list isn’t as elaborate. Coupled by a lacking on post entries, this is not a detailed summer rundown. I have to admit that I’ve been duped by that sunny phantom named ‘procrastination’. And so, I spent my days not writing.

But like a train that runs on steam. I’ve been thinking. And I’ll be soon to let out the smoke.

PS. I will have to print the lists I’ve written down prior my vacation. I’m gonna have to staple it on my forehead.

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Making Matter

It’s become a tragic fact that I’ve been increasingly ignorant of people. People who matter. It’s an oblivious feeling that clouds my mind   when I’m supposed to be thinking of them. It’s not because I genuinely don’t care for them. But it’s more of sense of slight triviality.

A simple phone call. A little message in your inbox. A quick hello. Nil.

It’s alarming. Yes, because to engage people for your own purposes seems a bit selfish, doesn’t it?

So here’s to caring a little bit more.


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Same Old, Same

There’s a peculiar feel about being home. Maybe because I know  that in some way I’m somehow a tad bit different and altogether slightly the same. And that it will inevitably change my perception of home. Still a genuine notion persists which makes home, well, home.

Upon arrival the following are simple practicalities which assured me of the fact that I am really home. Not because it’s completely unalike from my previous destination but because it’s how it really is.

  1. People. If you have ever been in an airport it’s no doubt that you are most likely to encounter a long busy queue. But whether it’s a primary attribute of an airport or a specific aspect of rumbling air stations, individuals cutting the line with sheer disregard for people stuck in a rowed dilemma is unforgivable. Local airport officials telling off boneheads; tending to people of status and blatantly ignoring minorities. Definitely smells like home cooking.
  2. Racy oversight. I was at passport control when this arab man behind the booth went like, ‘Yakhi, open you’re eyes..’, bloody hell. Are you serious? I could only manage a snicker of contempt. No regard for ethnic euphemisms of any sort, I can never think of anything more inconsiderate. What a considerable welcome greeting.
  3. Heat wave. Seriously, I’ve anticipated hateful warmth in regards to this desert climate. But, goodness. It’s so goddam hot. Like, I feel as if my skin is broiling under sun rays. Not a gentle breeze was subtle enough to blow by. And it’s only the month of May, imagine the coming days.
  4. Friends. The thing about leaving is the part when you come back. You’re never sure whether things have stayed the same between you and you’re friendships. And it varies from person to experiences. But there are a handful that stays the same. Don’t matter whether it’s a quarter, a half or a dot of a person, as long as you can recognize.
  5. Family. The ambiance of home certainly feels dodgy still, at the moment. But surely it should sink into me soon. I can already feel it animating in me.

I figured I might have to take my time in adjusting at home. Because right now, everything is still kind of weird. People, places, me. I do know one thing, that somehow behind all the sunny innuendos, everything feels right in place.



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