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“You Can’t See Me”

Okay, so I wasn’t going to blog until I’ve finished all the work that there is during this hell week in uni. But one brilliant genius today, really got my nerves into writing this post.

Here goes..

I was walking home from a fairly average day from uni; the wind was gusty and the leaves rustled. Not too bad of a day. Until a wanna be thrasher kid got all aggressive just because he caught me glancing an eye on them while they we’re skateboarding. They we’re failing at it. But I wasn’t too rude as to laugh at them or give any mischievous look whatsoever so I really have no idea as to why this punk snapped at me.

A**hole: Hey! What you looking at for?!What’s your problem?!

Me: *removes earphones* Nothing mann. What’s your deal?!

A**hole: What you lookin at us for?!Β  You wanna be dead right now?

Me: Psh. Forget you, mong. *Walks away*

*Glares at me until reaching home*

Although, I have no clue on whoever this guy may be. I am no way hesitating on dubbing him a prime a**hole. Because he is. Now, this guy might be 15-16 years old. But to think he has the least bit sense to think with his balls is downright dumbfounding in my perspective. He’s trying embrace the rebel culture of skater society. Fine. But if you want to have a logical reason as to pick a fight with someone. Well, at least have enough thought in your witless skull that you are outdoors and you are completely visible all around. So unless, I’m blind. Do not ask me as to why I’m looking at you.

One more thing. Thank all that is good and heavenly that I practice the art pacifism or God forbid I would’ve planted one on him square in the face. I won’t even care if he threatened my life for it. And the fact that he did really proves how this guy’s crotch is working his cranium.

Oh my days.

Ruined my whole day.

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On Repeat: Abed and Troy

This is a RIOT.


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Loose “Change”

Whoever said shopping is therapeutic must be one hell of a loon.

You see, shopping is not simple as most people think. No. Since money is a problem, anything associated with currency is cursed with cutting consequences. And even when money isn’t the root of the issue, opportunity cost plays with you in a way that you could either lose hard or win hard.

Opportunity cost is a complex paradox.

I went shopping today with a budget of 200 bucks. That’s a lot of gravy to cover a whole new wardrobe. And that’s the goal. But no, indecisive, impulsive, impossible me had to baited into purchasing stuff I don’t currently require.FartML

You know what’s the most annoying thing about shopping? It’s when you sober up from your shopping-slosh upon getting home; you realize that the things you got are not the things you should’ve dumped in the basket. And there’s the part where you justify for yourself the reason why you bought it.


Budgeting cold hard cash is downright difficult. Because money is power. So controlling such a force is a challenge. But we have to admit sometimes that the means to get things do not justify the reason for its acquiring. But it’s the balance of the needs and wants and time and situation that is the foundation of our choice.

And, I’m learning. Learning the hard way. But learning nonetheless.

Changing my lifestyle is a major work in progress. But skyscrapers don’t spring up from the ground. It’s a comprised of concrete layers of decisions. And until I get so close to the sky to make it rain, I’ll save the water when it pours.


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Finally, a weekend midnight at the height of prime insomnia. My element.

Today is about today. And yesterday is not the topic at point and tomorrow is a mystery I have no clue.

Today is spring. The vanilla snow has melted and the green grass glows at the taste of its sweet delight. The chilly wind calmed into a smooth cool breeze while the sun chooses to hang by the sky a little longer than the winter usual. And yes, the people Winterpeg; land of forbidding fearful frost, is in a current awestruck.

Today, I spoke with my family. One that’s due in a very long time. It’s funny how sometimes you see the people you love at the other end of the line. But the most important thing is youΒ see them.

Today, I rode a bike. It’s been a long while since I’ve ridden a bicycle. I spent the sunny afternoon two-wheeling across the neighborhood, careful not to run over innocent kids by the sidewalk.

Today, I felt quite productive. I managed to jot down some notes that I need to slim down my study review for the upcoming hell week. Although, I have tons to make do still, It’s nice to know I’m getting started.

Today I had a little picnic at the backyard. And I dined with the bees and the ants who had enough etiquette to allow me a enjoyable meal. Also, ice cream in between round waffles make a neat treat.

And that’s today which is now yesterday and tomorrow that is now today.

I say today is a triple threat that consists of the past and the future. Not to mention, a present.

(A gift indeed.)


P.S.- While I make no excuse for my absence since I (try) to blind myself of a pressuring audience. I do apologize for my lack of presence along the stretch of this week. But, although my fingers were kept still from tapping onto these happy keys, my eyes we’re hovered on the world of WordPress as a whole. And need I say that this virtual atmosphere has whole life of its own. Downright exciting.

P.P.S- More on that soon.

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On Repeat: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The rhythm outside the stream is profound. Word that.

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‘Keeping You Posted’

I just wrote an entire post about something that is rather.. noneducational.

Desperate to blog- Yes

Was the mini-celebration of the 50th post rather overwhelming- Yes

Just wait for the weekend- Yes.

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50 And Wise..?

If you’re in here right now, chances are, you come from the virtual space of Facebook and in someway, acquainted with yours truly. If not, then you are just some random cyber passerby who stumbled onto this humble blog of misinterpreted thoughts and stories. Either way, thank you.


This post marks my 50th blog entry. I’ve been a morbid blogger as of late with my previous blogs forming a sort of love-hate-relationship in terms of my commitment on keeping it alive with my words. So this 50th blog post is big for me. It shows that I’m still here.. Writing.

I’ve had two awful affairs in regards to blogging. And they were hard to overcome. You see, blogging like keeping a journal involves an investment of time, a fair share of inspiration and a certain degree of responsibility. And I’m not going to say I’ve come a long way because I haven’t. But I’ve managed to learn a thing or two.

  • You write for yourself first, then the audience. I’m quite fascinated by this statement because it somehow justifies the realm of writing as one that is suited for the selfish. (Not that I am) Writing in thought of someone’s criticism is dead on stumbling block.
  • Read other people’s blogs.I’ve always found reading other people’s musings very inspiring which leads me to wish that everyone could blog. What are we if not a web of interconnected individuals with similar unique experiences. People have a lot to say. But sometimes you’d rather read it than hear it.
  • Be comfortable, get simple. The reason why my other blogs didn’t work out was because I abided by an intricate method in making entries. I made it difficult for myself to be spontaneous.
  • There is no perfect writer. Self-explanatory. Do not be a perfectionist.
  • Keep at it. There will be days when the pen you use runs out of inspiration and your head is filled with empty ideas. But that doesn’t conclude anything to a mere dot on the paper. Patience is key. And when the time is right the words will come out.

I am my own reader. And seeing myself write and cipher all 50 posts feels downright awesome. There’s an immense feel of confidence that brims out of this small and humble achievement. More than a single smiley can account for. This one is for that lettered insomniac so deprived of sleep but so full of words.


Don’t ever sleep. You have a whole eternity left for that.

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One Grand Life

You know when they said “Life is a game“? Well, let’s just say that it is..

Play it as if it was real.

Now, I went about this game choosing the option that I would deliberately make given the state of desperation and sheer poverty. Frankly, I’m not too proud of the choices I opted for. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I went after the money.

This game was very thought provoking. It certainly sheds light on poverty and how people respond with their backs against the wall. It highlights its ghastly effect on families, health and behavior. And sad to say, the heavy impact of money in our lives decides the fate of our predicaments. It’s a hard hitting realization to admit that, life is turning to be all about money.

The scheme of it incorporates real life situations which really compels you to contemplate on reality. Would you put down your pride? Would you go so low as to survive? Would you take time to think about others? Would you last long enough?

I’d like to hear how you did on the game..


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Turn The Lights Off

You don’t get scared when you switch off the lights..

You get scared when the light switches off by itself.

Happened when we was watching the movie. No such thing as a power-outage. The switch came all the way down by effect of some ghostly force. Downright creepy. In case you don’t know. I sleep alone in the basement, where it happened.


We’re not afraid of the dark. Just the mere fact that we can’t see.

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Deja Vu

Normalcy is baffling thing.

Like stagnant water on the coast of the beach; like empty skies on blue canvas; like a continuous limbo of Deja Vu.

I was on the bus this afternoon going home. I thought about an idea for a book which is- breaking away from normalcy. Normalcy is a structured routine of actions and often people find this state dull, boring even unhappy. But since a set routine is what we use to establish our lives this should mean that an attempt to traverse from this standard state is to live a life of imbalance. To alter our lives is to eliminate the chronic disease of regularity but for the price of our comfort zones.

If you really think about it too much, like I do. It’s a slow killer. Either, watch a life in a loop of customary events. No surprise. No ambiguity. No intervention. Or witness a life that is of a distorted image. No restrictions. No rules. No peace.

The way I see it, you’re either fighting for change or fighting change. You are the pushing force that nudges the circumstances before you. All the other elements like time and space will never accord by your wishes. You can however use these elements to harness balance out of life.

It’s like walking on a tightrope most of the time. It’s goddam hard.

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