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On Repeat: Ben Howard

I laughed. Then I listened.

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On Repeat: Daniela Andrade

This cover helped me get my project together across a whole all-nighter. I heard Daughter’s original version of the song and I already figured it was perfect. But to have this lady, elaborate this song much further was just immense.



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On Repeat: Abed and Troy

This is a RIOT.


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On Repeat: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The rhythm outside the stream is profound. Word that.

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Music is a free moving spirit that makes way through your ear and into your soul. It’s the drumming of your heartbeat, the strumming of your emotions, that gentle bass of you raising pulse and the subtle voice of your soul. I always figured music is something much more and it is..

Music is an experience.

I’ve been listening to a band named Bombay Bicycle Club for a quite sometime now. So when I heard they were coming to our little humble city. I leaped the distance it took them to get here. I took my time in getting tickets for their gig thinking they’re too indie to sell a full house. They did. And I had to pay triple the price of a normal ticket to see them. Sweet damn.. They were worth every penny.

One of their guest performers happened to be the lovely, Lucy Rose. She’s one of the very first UK-based artists I ever listened to and I fell in love with her right from the start. Her calm mellow voice is as still as the the winter breeze. I can’t help but think she’s an angel who walk with mortals as a hobby.

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Another band that accompanied BBC were called The Darcys. Frankly, I’ve never heard of them before. But it turns out they’re a band of Canadians from Toronto. I must say, I was pretty impressed my they’re excellent instrumentals and the passion they have for  their craft. A promising band, no doubt.

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Last but not the least. The Bombay Bicycle Club. The feel of indie rock just rupturing in their performance. They’re music was natural and powerful. They played songs that made the heart jump. It’s no wonder they’re the biggest band in the UK right now. I won’t hesitate to dub them as The Beatles of the indie realm.

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What a night. Massive.

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A Baby Is Unwrapped

Since I got my new iPod Classic I’ve been all but a loving parent to it. I nurture it with love and care; feeding it’s infinite belly of sweet music. And I have to say, it’s a quite rewarding child; it sings clear cut pitches of sound. Truly a gifted doll. And I am proud to have it as mt own.

This playlist is for the first of the many treats that I will soon spoil with this brat.

-Sunlight In The Rain by Matt Simons

-The Liar And Lighter (cover) by Gabrielle Aplin

-Charlie Brown by Coldplay

-The Fear by Ben Howard

-Heartbeat by Childish Gambino

-Beautiful Things by Gungor

-The Tide Pulls From The Moon by William Fitzsimmons

-Mine Is Yours by Cold War Kids

Music Playlist at

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