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Mission Impossible 4 (Not A Review..)

This is a complaint from a quite offended Dubai-an.


I don’t know why I’m even slightly affected by the fact that this movie badly portrayed the modern metropolis that is, Dubai. I guess it’s just my pre-Dubai roots that’s kicking in all this adrenaline that’s driving me to complete annoyance.

Three things untrue:

  1. Dubai does not have a catastrophic sand-storm like that. That is utter sham; purely imaginary. (A very bad one at that) Even the worst of sand-storms are not close to disastrous. Not to mention, attain a immense size fit to swallow an entire city.
  2. Camels do not cross highways. Even camels are scared of Arab drivers. Emirati (local) will drive down the highway at the speed of God know how fast without a single care for any form of pedestrian. They drive massive 4x4s, so it’s a given for everyone to look both ways before crossing. Also, there is no way you can speed-ball in the inner city roads like that; you would find yourself behind 3 cars with a cab cutting you by the side.
  3. The city had long developed from cultural street stalls. Dubai is the soil that cultivates sky scrapers like beanstalks, pollinated by a diverse urban society which makes for a lush garden of cityscape. Arguably the best in world.

Damn, I miss Dubai.

Happy New Year Dubai.. Have fun with your barrage of fireworks and dancing fountains and laser shows and whatnot.. :p

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Wings By Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

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A Baby Is Unwrapped

Since I got my new iPod Classic I’ve been all but a loving parent to it. I nurture it with love and care; feeding it’s infinite belly of sweet music. And I have to say, it’s a quite rewarding child; it sings clear cut pitches of sound. Truly a gifted doll. And I am proud to have it as mt own.

This playlist is for the first of the many treats that I will soon spoil with this brat.

-Sunlight In The Rain by Matt Simons

-The Liar And Lighter (cover) by Gabrielle Aplin

-Charlie Brown by Coldplay

-The Fear by Ben Howard

-Heartbeat by Childish Gambino

-Beautiful Things by Gungor

-The Tide Pulls From The Moon by William Fitzsimmons

-Mine Is Yours by Cold War Kids

Music Playlist at

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The Kind Of Man

Last night I was dubbed as a metrosexual male.

I have to admit, I was somewhat baffled by this statement since I had not known the full meaning of it.

Metrosexual is a neologism derived from metropolitan and heterosexual coined in 1994 describing a man (especially one that living in an urban, post industrial, capitalist culture) who spends most of his time and money shopping for his appearance. -Wikipedia

I was coined by my aunt primarily because of how I suit up. Claiming she would like to wear my intriguing purple scarf.

So it got me thinking.. I don’t look like most of the male majority. And how I habilitate myself is set apart from how an ordinary Joe is fabricated. And this is how I know for sure:

  • I carry a satchel (man-purse). I carry this sling bag as a handy vessel of many things, most of what I’d rather stuff in my pockets. Also, I use it to compliment the clothes I have on. And it became a habit to have this kit clinging on my shoulders wherever I go.
  • Excessive Accessorizing. I wouldn’t call it excessive but I like to accentuate my apparel with a culmination of trifling trimmings of accessories, From necklaces, bracelets, watches and specs.
  • Hair products. I use a hair-styling wax favored by a light hairspray. Keeps my crown solid and suave.
  • Homosexual compliments. Queer fascinations. (I rather not delve into this subject due to its intriguing sensitivity)
  • Wine over beer. I have not done this but I reckon I will when the situation presents itself.

With the subject of metrosexuals comes the issue of sexuality. Now, this is not to be mistaken: I am straight as an arrow. And my preferences and principles are compact regardless of how snazzy I spruce up. (Defensive reaction a reflex)

I would hate to label certain male types like how I’m considered metro. But your classic Joe is just not me. I read books and I admire art just like how I love sports. I can also be sensitive and fragile at times without being ashamed of such.

Men are not supposed to live like rocks. Solid and firm in personality and stale in style or else considered soft. Well, if soft is looking good, treating women women right and drinking cocktails (?) then soft is the new fetch.

PS- I have nothing against homosexuals. As long as they respect my preferences. But I do admit, I don’t condone what it is.

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Drop, Drivel, Distance

I’ll tell you a funny story.. One that happened on this same night. It was set under a windy evening; cold and crisp. Two people unknown to each other and separated by over 3000 miles were brought closer together by a modern miracle for the first time. So close they can stare at each other. Face to face.

A blank stare to the face is million things but never a word. And I shouldn’t have done anything to upset the balance of things yet I just had to open the open my stupid mouth..

Me: Hello! *sheepish smile*

Her: Hallo! *humble waves*

Me: ………………..

Her: ………………..

(10 seconds later..)

Conscience: Stop looking, start talking. Be funny!

Me: Um, you’re face is shaped like a mango..

Conscience: Idiot. *facepalm*

Her: Ah-um, okaaaaaayy?? *recessively laughs*

(20 seconds later of utter embarrassment)

Her: You sound funny, I think your mic is messed up.

Conscience: Play the same card. It should be ace this time.

Me: Oh yeah, my mic is acting up I usually sound like Kanye West..

Her: *shakes her head* Um, Who’s Kanye?

Conscience: Does she live under a rock? *face-to-desk*

(After a detailed explanation of the scandalous MTV awards)

Conscience: Get out of there. Or die.

Me: I think I best go now, I have stuff to do..

Her: Yeah, My mum’s telling me off too.

Me: Bye. Catch you some other time, hey?

Her; Alright, speak soon.

A quagmire of epic proportions.

I breathed awkwardness to the other dimension of cyberspace. And it reeked like a deceased mind. Hence, complete and sheer humiliation.

But there’s good news after the bad; she still talked to me after that. But not anymore though.

I wish we still talk. Because I feel like I waved the flag too early at the sight of distance. Difficult as it was, I felt the need to discontinue. Because the friendship we had is profound but virtually fictional.

I wanted to be a friend. But subconsciously, I think I want to be something more.

And until I meet her personally, I’ll hold on to this apology of a bad conversation and an early surrender. Only then will I consider our friendly attachment to be real..

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A Holiday Redemption

Coming from a bad pity party at the night of Christmas eve left a bitter taste in my holiday spirits. I woke up with a heartbroken hangover and found myself in the same spot where I left off, down in the dumps.

But sobriety comes when you get up from bed. And this one was started by a phone call.

My relatives uncs and aunts gave me a ring  that willed me out of bed. They were all jazzed up as they each greeted me a ‘Merry Christmas’; passing the phone like it’s hot, I really felt their sincere affections. 🙂

The NBA came out with a BAAANNGG today! The five game slate they laid out for Christmas day didn’t fail to deliver ecstatic entertainment for everyone that made the good list. (Y)

We threw a heck of a party for the whole clan to chill with. This time the food was the taste gratifying redemption. As sweet as. Also I got a few presents from kind-hearted folks that I never expected.

Also, we drank some whiskey.. That was bad. And that’s how it ended.

I guess this just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining.

PS- I wasn’t tanked. How else would I have been able to write this post. Defensive argument is almost a reflex. 😛

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When I Ate Some Of Santa’s Cookies..

I just posted a pleasant picture of a Christmas tree; lights of sheer vibrancy polarized and scintillating colors of red, green and gold; perched amidst pebbles of presents, coming in all shapes and sizes. A portrait of a very Merry Christmas.

But I see it in black and white.

I have been separated from my family for almost 2 whole months now. And at this time of season where happiness is ought to be in abundance; I least expected a hint of vulnerability. Yet my emotions sunk deep. I miss them.

I spent the first few hours of post-Christmas- eve partaking in a sweeping sumptuous supper but savoring  so, so little. I sat on the couch as I look at presents fly over me from each end of the room. ‘Sound Of Music’ was on TV but I heard only funk, blue funk. Midnight struck and nobody noticed. I greeted them a warm ‘Merry Christmas’..

I bawled.

And it sucks.

Because it’s Christmas..

And I’m supposed to be with my family. 


At least there’s the true reason for the season to comfort my weary self. 🙂

Next year shall be sweeter. Merry Christmas again.

PS- The title is true.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Goodnight by William Fitzsimmons

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All Of The Christmas Lights

Here’s your midnight companion greeting you a Merry Christmas!

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Look Ma..


Hugh Laurie anyone? :p

So I was watching my nephew’s school play for Christmas last night and I happened to be seated next to this big ball of charm, boxed in a miniature frame, laced with pure innocence; a little girl. And she said,

.. Look, mom.

(Bearded man walks onto the stage with a woman expectant of a child)

(She points at the man with the glorious, most artificial beard)

… Is that Jesus???

We all laughed.

It was cute. Until my grandma took a wise crack to it.

…. Look, it’s Saint Peter.

Good grieving graciousness. *slaps forehead*

I know no one has seen Jesus and I know no one who wants to, yet. But we can never recreate the image of Christ. Frankly, I’m not certainly sure where people got the absurd notion that God had the fairest skin, a hippy crown of hair and a renowned trademark beard.

For he grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out from dry ground; he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. -Isaiah 53:2

I have a silly theory that Jesus meant for us not to see any of his facial features. And the reason is profoundly cliche –He wants us to believe by faith and not by sight.

It’s not about what He looks like but what He did to atone for our shameful sins.

And the rugged mystery item is.. Joseph.


Happy almost Christmas. 🙂

P.S. I’m Christian. Yo.

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Here are some stalker useful details: I now live in Great White North- Canada; residing in the humble city of Winnipeg. Shimmed by surprisingly sunny radiance with an irregular peppering of snow which is said to be really fortunate considering it’s already the month of December.

I came, I saw, I never meant to stay.


All such happenings were primarily a short trip from the lush city I used to call home, Dubai. We traveled an immense number of miles with the hope of just probing our soon-to-be place of residence. Nothing more to that. So it came as a massive surprise to me when I was told to stay..

I was under my last year of sixth form back home (Dubai). That meant I would eventually have to look for somewhere to study; a university to be specific. And as you would soon know about myself: I do not plan often. So I took a swing at applying to one of the finest universities that are around. And fortunately, by sheer grace or clumsy cosmic coincidence; they took me in.

And because of that purposeful reason I watched my family fly off as they head back ‘home’. 😦


At the moment, I’m bunk at my Aunt’s welcoming abode and its at all not too bad. They framed and set apart a little room for me in their ridiculously large basement. Their basement is ridiculous. Sure I’m deprived of a little sunlight and I have to tweak the humidifier every once in a while but it sure is good to have a roof above my crown. More importantly I have family.

I do remember my family ever so often. I cannot describe how weird it is to find them on the other end of Skype. I miss refereeing /rumbling with my silly siblings, chilling with my ball-busting bros and the hot plates of authentic ‘Shawarmas‘.

Also, it’s been a struggle hanging on to dear life when things have been moving so quickly. It’s been increasingly troublesome having to manage the certain technicalities of life that I would easily pass off to my folks from money matters to paper works. Moreover, I have to scour for a job to earn a few extra bucks. But I’m learning..

I’m making big boy moves. 🙂


I’m starting university on the coming new year. And I am stoked! Honestly, I’m a bit anxious to what this educational paradigm has in store for me but this is a sweeping declaration to face it, head on. 🙂

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Afterall By William Fitzsimmons

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