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Invisible Bicycle

Ever since university started I have been learning how to ride a bicycle. Falling down. Getting up. Slow and steady.


I haven’t had much time to spare some words in this rusty old blog. (It’s a 100 posts old!) It’s either all over my academia or lacking sleep. And it’s been quite difficult for me to recollect and put into literature whatever I have come across to, may it be a new experience or emotion. But whatever.

Every written word is a garden. It starts as a seed, and it blossoms its way through time. As a writer, I can’t manipulate the growth of my words. I can only wait for it. But when it reaches it’s point of ripeness and I don’t harvest it, it will rot. And for a writer, such is the struggle. It’s all about the timing.

My thoughts remained preserved even during my absence. But then again, I do not know for how long. So I will write until my mind is exhausted and my fingers are numb. Because as person who talks to a virtual wind, I have been silent for quite too long.

I have gathered different stories and silly little theories; found enlightenment in the lonely gutters of introspect. I have experienced moments of happiness but is constantly eluded by joy. And I can’t wait to take it all out of me again.

Make me.


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“University Kid”

It’s been a while since university started..

Man, it’s already getting to me.

University is almost an extraordinary experience. Nothing like high school. Every individual that steps into this academic realm is a student, devoted to a particular set of arts. These are not mere kids tempering with notes and texts. But these are real people finding for some sense of purpose. Such sight is scholarly beauty.

This distinct atmosphere of learning is one that is vast and deep. And sometimes, it can be intimidating because when everybody’s fixated on looking for one’s self they don’t see anybody around. Invisible, well, at least that’s how I feel sometimes. But don’t get me wrong, I’m doing well in that area of circumstance. Although, coming out from hard timid shell goes out to be a real challenge. There are myriad different people out there, and it’s hard to speak up when your mind is running a relay.

Profound knowledge is expected to be found in every academy, no doubt. But apart from the lectures and lessons, a university gives a subtle taste of experience. From what is bitter to sweet, so we would know what fruit we yearn. And we plant it; invest time and effort into it; watering it until it bears fruit. Not as personal harvest but also, for society.

The fact that this scholastic paradigm requires you to think critically about various matters, opting you to reason for yourself as opposed to being taught what to say, I think this is prime education.

University of Winnipeg

So, what I’m really trying to say is, university is an opportunity. And, I’d be an utter fool to let it pass by.

Here’s to working hard and reaping what I sow.

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Summer Report Card: A-

Summer has come to a halt although the sun still gives glimpses of heavy light. Indeed, it’s been a great one. Just like the previous one and the one before that, so on and so forth. Because most of the best things in life are captured in great lighting hence, summer.

There’s a lot of things that have come to pass during this sunny season. Ample adventures with an amazing assembly of aces. But alliterations aside. Everything that happened, big or small, was grand all the same.

But it’s good I made myself a list. (The List Pt1, The List Pt.2) Because it’s too easy to get lost in all the summer hysteria, that you forget to add a little sense of purpose to the season. So all throughout the good times and bad, I jotted all of them down; making sure I was getting something accomplished.

So this is my Summer Report Card. With glorious red check marks, and bloody crimson crosses.

  • Journalist dreams. Over the course of the summer with the helpful nagging of my folks, I have had the chance to think over the subjects and classes I want to get into, and ultimately know where I’m heading. Next thing I know I’m setting up to be a journalist. Steady breaths.
  • Booker-D. I got my read on this summer. Never Let Me Go and It’s Kind of a Funny Story were thoroughly amusing. I’ve definitely developed a greater inclination for books and other literary forms. Great season for reading.
  • Kitchen kid. I managed to learn a couple of classic Filipino recipes while I was at home. Also, I’ve mastered the skill of cracking eggs. Not to mention cooking up some wicked ‘omelette du fromage‘. Being able to cook for my family and friends was definitely pretty neat too.
  • Guitar Semi-Hero. Was able to learn how to play a few songs including Coldplay’s Yellow. I had the most fun playing those tunes, I played for the nth number of time. Plus, I made my parents smile a bit.
  • Fanboy. Watched a the whole Star Wars franchise, and it was a blast. Vintage Star Wars didn’t feel too heavy on the eyes. Instead I was really able to appreciate the film with the prologue punctuating the personality of Darth Vader. Geek points up! I’m onto getting into the Karate Kid Trilogy.
  • Twitter-er. Made myself a Twitter account for all the one-liner thoughts, I have that materializes in a spur of time; been a regular chatterbox since then. Don’t forget to follow!
  • Heavenly comeback. I made it a goal to get back to my spiritual foundation. And I guess, I could say I was able to do just that. Have the Gospel reverberate in myself. Hear it in the middle of the night when I need the most.
  • Photo-blogger. I finally posted the first few self made photographs in this blog. Even though, I have tendencies to be camera shy, I made up for it in taking pictures of pretty places and whatnot. Clutch.
  • Linguist. I’ve finally achieved greater strides in getting an authentic Filipino accent apart from when I’m on the court. And thanks to my cousins I’m starting to communicate better in Tagalog.
  • Sky-high. Experiencing the tallest building that is Burj Khalifa was a great experience. Being a Dubai-an for years, I never thought I’d step foot in that viewing deck seeing the skyline in full effect. But even, I remember it so vividly.

A-minus. According to me, I would say I got a pretty decent grade. If I add the amount of fun and the level purpose that was invested in my holidays, it would all equal to one of the most productive summers ever. No bias. And until, the next summer breeze blows buy. I’ll keep this one in my pocket; smoke sunshine when it gets colder.

This one’s been special.



  • I tried to learn how to swim. And I almost drowned to death.
  • Those solid set of abs were but a dream.
  • I didn’t get thoroughly tanned while I was in Dubai. For real.
  • Parent’s thought I sent them a drunk text. Lol.
  • I forgot to get a US Visa when I was in Toronto. Now I have to spend some just to fly back.

A Sunny Evaluation Pt.1/ A Sunny Evaluation Pt.2/ A Sunny Evaluation Pt.3



Look Ma: Summer 2012

Bits and pieces of a grand holiday. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dubai/Toronto/Winnipeg

“Look Ma’ is a new segment in 00:00 where I post photographs of things and place, people and food (not really food). I know it’s all over the place right now. But I just wan to put it out there for now and I’ll have them organized when I get the ample time. For now, have a look! Dedicated to my Mum who’s quite insistent that I take pictures of absolutely everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt. 3

I’m tip-toes away from an inevitable end to summer, but it’s been glorious every step of the way. As always, a mighty finale is without a grand exit. And that’s why the last sunny stretch of my holidays have been most awesome, because it’s always the final impression that sticks out maybe even more than the first one.

Highlights and credits, rolling in. Now.

  • Rooftops are made for friends“. Hung out at my friend’s rooftop overlooking the surreal sunset of Dubai. It was moment of sentiment. Friends, sundown and photographs- it’s cliche. (Shout out to fellow blogger, Renee! Keep on writing.)
  • Walkouts and waterworks. When my dad (Happy belated birthday, Pa!) said “You’ll be leaving soon..”. Thoughts came down like a waterfall; current so strong, can’t even swim out of it. And in a room full of people, my eyes started to water. Damn. So I stormed out before it rained.
  • Three days‘. My last three days in Dubai, my folks took me out every single night. Eating, shopping, loving. It was the highest (and longest) level of fun I’ve had all through out my stay. And knowing that I’ll be making my exit soon made me appreciate every single second of it.
  • Sendoff. Saturation point of happiness. Utter sadness.
  • Touchdown Toronto. Ten days worth of fun distraction. Toronto is a thoroughly immense experience. Big city, bigger people. Daylight busy bodies; nights that walk on its own. Diverse. Downtown buzzing with different people; passing each other, going every direction and up.
  • Reunions. I met up with my good triad of friends at Toronto after 5 long lifetimes. They took me in and around the city which was super sublime. Had plenty of time to catch up and know who they are now. It’s funny how people grow. I had such a grand time.
  • Friendly ‘Nosebleed‘. Had the opportunity to meet some neat people down at Ontario. A wicked bunch who knows how to make a complete riot. Actualizing awkward atmospheres with ample absurdity to ridiculous Filipino accents. Major laughing fits.
  • Winnipeg welcoming. Landed back on Peg City to be received by three nutty naughty boys along with my Aunt. It felt weird to be back- back in my room, back in this timezone, back to work. Damn. But there’s still a tad bit of summer left in Winnipeg, so I’m chasing until it’s gone.
  • ‘One with the univers-ity’. All set for this year’s academic endeavor. Bring it, man. Full load and everything, I’ll be scratching my head, biting my nails until I get you.
  • Continuum. I made post-summer plans. And I’m excited!

So this is the last ofย  ‘A Sunny Evaluation’. Stay tune though, and see if I managed to accomplish any of my summer goals. (This should be interesting..) But for now, these are things that came to occur during the last leg of summer. It’s been, without a hint of doubt, an amazing one.


I know I’ve been away or quite sometime. It’s been hard to write for a while and I figured I needed a breather; lighten the baggage I’m carrying and wait until my being can already muster enough words. But more importantly, I’m back.


Regular blogging. Here. We. Go.

A Sunny Evaluation Pt.2

PS- Hello, Twitter world aliens! I write sometimes.

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