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‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan’

As an avid sports fan, I enjoy the intense level of competition, the skillful orchestra of talents and the loud impact of a crowd. And being able to identify myself with such elements allow me to experience sports into a whole other level. I give the game it’s full glory.

As I become a part of the game. the game becomes a part of me.

I may not compete in a professional level but there’s little athlete spirit in me that yearns contentious encounters; thriving to win. But being both a competitor and an enthusiast, the outcome of the game either give’s me one of the two: a quick heartbeat or an idle heartache.

This is ‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan‘.

  • When the team you’re rooting for wins. Any statement against the fact is invalid.*A royal flush to the face of haters.
  • On the flip-side, and the team falls otherwise. Be prepared to be verbally assaulted also, have your mother shamed.
  • The Gods of Sports are bipolar. They can turn the basket into a pool-sized hoop.
  • They can also transform the ball into a giant whale. And you cannot question there judgement.
  • Players overcome injuries. Do everything in one foot.
  • Players can lose a foot. And some few teeth.
  • Comeback wins. Classic underdog stuff.
  • Trashing. Humiliation of the highest degree.
  • A win set in stone. Watched just to witness excellence.
  • A win set in coins. Watched referees/judges get paid.
  • Scores from on-call wagers
  • Loses gas money on Sports Select.
  • Wings and beer.
  • Too many wings and beer.

Shout out to LBJ and the whole Miami Heat organization. Expect a miscall from The King all of you naysayers.


*A championship weighs heavier than a single win, a rival win, or any individual accolade.

PS- Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, robbed. I’m still not over that. November 2012.

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Blood, Sweat, Tears And A Broken Back?

You know that scene that you’d never get to un-see ever again? Damn. I saw it today.

My uncle was playing a rec-league playoff game; it was a knockout system so this game was huge; a win would mean a shot at the finals. And of course everybody was playing their hearts out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just an amateur, all for fun game. Nobody really thinks of it when you’re running the ends of the hard wood. Everybody goes out there and plays a 110%.

Thing is my uncle played 120%

He drove to the hole with 2 guys awaiting him by the cup; ready to contest the shot. It was his every intention to pick up the foul. But just as he after releasing the ball the defender inadvertently collides with him, midair causing him to bounce back; landing on his arched back, square on the floor. It looked gruesome. No call, the play continued.

Now he managed to limp all the way to the sidelines. Which is surprising in term of the impact and also the fact, that he should’ve just stayed flat on the baseline. He couldn’t sit up. So he was lying on his stomach until after the game was lost. The paramedics we’re called and they drugged him for the pain. I was dumbfounded.

(It was cool to ride in an ambulance, although I would’ve preferred to roll with the sirens on)

He was was in total pain. Unable to even chuckle without wincing from pain.

He’s under observation in the hospital where a stupid nurse flipped him on his back without the doctor’s approval. He’s going to be fine. By the looks of it, it seems to be just a back spasm or a dislocated disk. Hopefully not something major..

I like playing ball. No doubt about it. It’s almost religion. But seeing injuries like that make me doubt the mercy of the basketball gods. Sure we’re not professionals and we certainly don’t make money out of this. It’s sheer competitiveness that we lay on the court. And I play hard and physical all the time. But I’m not about to risk my normal bodily functions for it.

It shook me when he fell that hard. People don’t realize the pain invested onto every game.

And I love the game. But I can only love it as much as I take care of myself.

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Comeback Kids

I’ve always believed in the act of ‘believing‘. And if there ever was a great event to attest on it, it would be what the L.A. Clippers did tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies.

If you’re not an avid basketball junkie, this would pretty much underline their tremendous feat: They were down by as much as 27 points with the clock against their will. You don’t have to be a fan to realize the degree of difficulty in terms of attempting a comeback.

But they did.

And they won.

I’ve always admired Chris Paul for his competitive edge. Being acknowledged by one of the greatest competitors ever, Kobe Bryant. It should come as no mystery about how the team was able to rally. I’m not discounting the team aspect of the sport. But more so, I highlight a fighter’s will to keep pushing until the buzzer sounds.

Although, I’m on the Grizzlies bandwagon. I can’t help but to recognize such outstanding win.Definitely fanboy-ing like crazy for the NBA playoffs.


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