The Insomniac

This is a silent ‘psst..’ from the virtual dark alley of the internet. Just another blog page trying to share it’s secret junk at the most untimely hours of the night; offering a slight dose of amusement to any cyber passersby willing to exchange a few minutes just to kill time.

00:00 is a blog about a young insomniac who nibbles on his midnight thoughts while he counts his words to sleep. These late nigh entries will most probably be about his adventures in the light of day, endeavors in the dark and everything else that happens in life.

There is no doubt that these network streets are filled with millions of online strangers posting pictures by the promenade, busking music down the boulevard and vandalizing the walls of social media. So this is to the many more incidents of kind strangeness. For the vigilant, sleep deprived and dead of the night binge-eaters and drinkers. Because it only takes a quick ‘psst’ to get noticed.

You can walk by or walk with. 🙂


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