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“You’re Just A Girl”

“You’re just a girl”.

You’re just a little girl. What do you know about the world? What do you know about life? What do you know about love? What do about about anything apart from painting your nails and swooning over little boys?

Nothing, really.

Because, you’re just a girl. And this is the most that you can fathom. But you are something else. You’re not like any of the other girls.

You are not cliche.

You’re an individual. You know what’s right and wrong, from whats good and best. And you can make the right decisions. Your taste in music is impeccable and eclectic, level with sheer sense of meaning. You pay close attention to detail. You are curious about the world, and the people in it. You have dreams, and your dreams have dreams.

You are already, what you are not yet.

You’re just in a phase. You are not little kid, but at the same time not a grown up. You are right in the middle of everything. And I’m telling you that it’s hard right now because high school is kind of shit; all the other kids are shallow and they don’t get you most of the time. You might feel like crying sometimes, but don’t let it get to you. The world is way big, and you will feel lost. But if you see past your short scope, you will find beauty and your place in it. The world is a mean place, and it will make you feel weak. But I am here to tell you, that you are strong like a force of nature. And this world will be yours to own tomorrow.


One day I will meet you over coffee, and you won’t be that little girl anymore. You will sit there tough, chin up and independent. You will tell of your many experiences of music and life. And I will remember you then.

“You’re just a girl”.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

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Finally, a weekend midnight at the height of prime insomnia. My element.

Today is about today. And yesterday is not the topic at point and tomorrow is a mystery I have no clue.

Today is spring. The vanilla snow has melted and the green grass glows at the taste of its sweet delight. The chilly wind calmed into a smooth cool breeze while the sun chooses to hang by the sky a little longer than the winter usual. And yes, the people Winterpeg; land of forbidding fearful frost, is in a current awestruck.

Today, I spoke with my family. One that’s due in a very long time. It’s funny how sometimes you see the people you love at the other end of the line. But the most important thing is you see them.

Today, I rode a bike. It’s been a long while since I’ve ridden a bicycle. I spent the sunny afternoon two-wheeling across the neighborhood, careful not to run over innocent kids by the sidewalk.

Today, I felt quite productive. I managed to jot down some notes that I need to slim down my study review for the upcoming hell week. Although, I have tons to make do still, It’s nice to know I’m getting started.

Today I had a little picnic at the backyard. And I dined with the bees and the ants who had enough etiquette to allow me a enjoyable meal. Also, ice cream in between round waffles make a neat treat.

And that’s today which is now yesterday and tomorrow that is now today.

I say today is a triple threat that consists of the past and the future. Not to mention, a present.

(A gift indeed.)


P.S.- While I make no excuse for my absence since I (try) to blind myself of a pressuring audience. I do apologize for my lack of presence along the stretch of this week. But, although my fingers were kept still from tapping onto these happy keys, my eyes we’re hovered on the world of WordPress as a whole. And need I say that this virtual atmosphere has whole life of its own. Downright exciting.

P.P.S- More on that soon.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Sun Hands by Local Natives

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