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‘The City In The Desert’


You are one great city. And believe me when I tell you that there is nothing like you.

You’re the city in the desert; the breeze in the summer. You built concrete out of sand, and made a home for me. You were honest enough to tell me that I can’t stay forever, that there is a world out there that is waiting for me.

You have introduced me to people that I would have never met elsewhere. And you let them go in front of my eyes to show me that you claimed no citizens only transients- nothing is permanent.

Then you let me go. And I loved you for it.

Thank you for everything. I will write about you until next time.2013-08-15 13.38.00

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt. 3

I’m tip-toes away from an inevitable end to summer, but it’s been glorious every step of the way. As always, a mighty finale is without a grand exit. And that’s why the last sunny stretch of my holidays have been most awesome, because it’s always the final impression that sticks out maybe even more than the first one.

Highlights and credits, rolling in. Now.

  • Rooftops are made for friends“. Hung out at my friend’s rooftop overlooking the surreal sunset of Dubai. It was moment of sentiment. Friends, sundown and photographs- it’s cliche. (Shout out to fellow blogger, Renee! Keep on writing.)
  • Walkouts and waterworks. When my dad (Happy belated birthday, Pa!) said “You’ll be leaving soon..”. Thoughts came down like a waterfall; current so strong, can’t even swim out of it. And in a room full of people, my eyes started to water. Damn. So I stormed out before it rained.
  • Three days‘. My last three days in Dubai, my folks took me out every single night. Eating, shopping, loving. It was the highest (and longest) level of fun I’ve had all through out my stay. And knowing that I’ll be making my exit soon made me appreciate every single second of it.
  • Sendoff. Saturation point of happiness. Utter sadness.
  • Touchdown Toronto. Ten days worth of fun distraction. Toronto is a thoroughly immense experience. Big city, bigger people. Daylight busy bodies; nights that walk on its own. Diverse. Downtown buzzing with different people; passing each other, going every direction and up.
  • Reunions. I met up with my good triad of friends at Toronto after 5 long lifetimes. They took me in and around the city which was super sublime. Had plenty of time to catch up and know who they are now. It’s funny how people grow. I had such a grand time.
  • Friendly ‘Nosebleed‘. Had the opportunity to meet some neat people down at Ontario. A wicked bunch who knows how to make a complete riot. Actualizing awkward atmospheres with ample absurdity to ridiculous Filipino accents. Major laughing fits.
  • Winnipeg welcoming. Landed back on Peg City to be received by three nutty naughty boys along with my Aunt. It felt weird to be back- back in my room, back in this timezone, back to work. Damn. But there’s still a tad bit of summer left in Winnipeg, so I’m chasing until it’s gone.
  • ‘One with the univers-ity’. All set for this year’s academic endeavor. Bring it, man. Full load and everything, I’ll be scratching my head, biting my nails until I get you.
  • Continuum. I made post-summer plans. And I’m excited!

So this is the last of  ‘A Sunny Evaluation’. Stay tune though, and see if I managed to accomplish any of my summer goals. (This should be interesting..) But for now, these are things that came to occur during the last leg of summer. It’s been, without a hint of doubt, an amazing one.


I know I’ve been away or quite sometime. It’s been hard to write for a while and I figured I needed a breather; lighten the baggage I’m carrying and wait until my being can already muster enough words. But more importantly, I’m back.


Regular blogging. Here. We. Go.

A Sunny Evaluation Pt.2

PS- Hello, Twitter world aliens! I write sometimes.

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Almost seven months of being deprived of family. Finally, I’m a sleep away from home.

Peg City, you’ve been good to me. You held off your frozen tempers at the height of winter and you blew spring breeze unto me. Your folks have been nothing short of friendly, true to their Manitoba colors. And for that, I say “thank you”.

Honestly, I’ve had quite an experience upon staying at theses ends for some time. I learned how to be independent (somehow). I was taught how to mow the lawn, shovel snow and other important lie skills needed for the road to success. Lol. But seriously, I got sloshed, blew out my money, lied and cheated. I lost myself. But only to know myself better. My stay at this humble city wasn’t a walk in the park. The road was bumpy and harsh. But I tread on for this moment.

Almost there.

Thank you Winnipeg and Winnipeg-ers.

See you until fall! Have an immense summer. Aye!

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It’s that feel when you count backwards and the kill previous numbers that symbolize the distance from where you are and where you will be.

Damn, those are some intense emotions.

Happiness, anxiousness, sadness. All at the same time.

Six days from now I’ll be home-bound to a sand-made city that is Dubai with my familia greatly anticipating my return. And I can’t be anything but ecstatic. I’ve been gone for half a year; the longest time I’ve been away from home. But that’s wrinkled gossip I don’t need to elaborate.

As I cross out the remaining dates on my calendar my heart skips a beat. I’ve packed about over 6 times; contemplating on what to bring as gifts and who else to give presents to. Working extra shifts to save up for a later trip to Toronto. Planning checklists for various summer activities. Going round and about the humble ends of Peg City to milk more stories and experiences that I could bag along my trip.

Summer will be awsm.

So close, very close. Almost there..

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The Itchy Feeling Of University

I wish I was writing about how winter term was done and dealt with already. Unfortunately, it’s still hanging around for 2 more weeks.


I can’t wait to blog about pure summer optimism; everything sunny and bright that shimmers at night. But no, the goddam universe decides to slow its course on me. Well, then, fine. I’m gonna start scratching this bloody blogging itch already.


Castles will make anything look appropriately academic.

My stay here at Peg city has been quite a story so far. Being away from la familia and all; trying to stand independent and discovering what makes me what I am. Dozens of lessons have come my way every since. Especially going to university. Walking the hallways as an invisible freshman is daunting in a way that your status is a complete mystery to people. Nonetheless, university has been quite the experience.

So here’s a couple of things I’ve wade through in my first university take:

  • Strangers are strange. Sitting in a massive sociology class with a myriad of anonymous students is awkward. Being the timid person that I am, I didn’t know how to exactly interact with my fellow classmates. The fact that everyone seem so zoned in on the lesson made me think that I was in a class full of robotic intellectuals who don’t care about any social interaction. It was only at the end that the class managed to step out of the tin can shells and socialize with each other.
  • Friendliness is the cure to friendlessness. As I’ve written before, walking the hallways by my lonesome self and sitting in class with little old me can be quite lonely. But sometimes, it just takes a smile and a fake question to initiate a conversation which could lead to decent degree of acquaintance.
  • Canteen food is utter bull. Man, I will never know why I bought chicken strips for 10 dollars! Microwaved meals are magic! If only I found out about it a tad bit sooner. I wouldn’t have wasted good cash on them lousy potatoes!
  • The library is the G-spot. I have zero ghetto cred to know the definition but the library is my favorite place in the whole campus. Being around a thousand  books and people who give no single care about what happens outside is somehow sort of serene. There’s no better place to study.
  • Coffee conviction. I don’t know if caffeine is cosmically bonded to post secondary education and beyond because I’m hooked. I was never the coffee guy. I thought coffee was plain overrated. But a hot sip of caffeinated goodness is like fuel to my engines.
  • University kids love riots. I don’t know for certain if rioting is a Canadian thing but I found that the university is great plateau for young activists who has hot blood to stand against government and stuff. I have yet to join in on a rally for something politically significant but I figure it’s going to be very mean and angry.
  • I actually learn stuff. Okay, I don’t know what happened in high school but I seem to absorb every detail they teach us at university. Also, I feel a slight more significance about the matter taught in university whereas high school lessons just seem to breeze through my my mind. It’s weird

There’s a lot more silly conundrums that I’ve encountered in my first wave of university endeavor. But it’s been fun so far. Not just academically but all around life as well. It’s an entirely new experience with a countless lessons to be learned. And I’m loving it..

I really am.


I just wish it’d finish already.

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Before I Keep Calm And Carry On..

I guess I could say that my recent preference not to write has been all but deliberate. But since there is no point in fiddling with the matter. Then I suppose I should just come out straight with it..

I feel a tad bit sad. 😦

My parent’s prior phone call a few days back have made it certain that I feel so. As they inquire about my daily endeavors and regular food intake, they somehow felt the need to ask for an evaluation of my social relationships. I was stumped. All I could reply was incomprehensible murmurs of continuous “ummm”. And so it dawned on me..

1.) I currently have no friends.

Sure, I have acquainted myself with a number of  high-five friends which by all means, have been good people. Also, I’ve spent a relative amount of time with them and I found it worthwhile. But I just can’t seem to find the right bunch (or a fit person for that matter) to be considered a real friend.

Should I choose my friends or not?

This is certainly a controversial matter that is open to intellectual debate. But in hopes of saving myself the burden of over-thinking on such issue. I shall let the universe decide it for me. And whether or not it is the universe’s occupation to fulfill the duty, I for sure, would not trouble myself with it.

Given in my current predicament is the sheer nostalgia of what life used to be. The times of clear joy and content without challenge from distance nor time. When the only thing that separated me from my family were concrete walls and not serious mileage. Where my friends have all been figured out and their company is always on the clock.

2.) I miss home.

I’ve been trying to get accustomed to this (still) foreign land ever since I’ve stepped foot on it’s snowy grounds. But it’s just hard to call it home when the bare necessities of what constitutes to a home are not present. Don’t get me wrong, Winnipeg is a lovely place, just not a home for me yet.

Lastly, of all the godforsaken misfortunes and mischances. Why do I have to be the victim of inadvertent deprivation of tickets to one of today’s most excellent musical entertainers. I put to question my Asian qualities for a complete disregard to punctuality because I’m finding this particular stereotype to be true.

3.) Tickets to Bombay Bicycle Club and Lucy Rose were sold out.

I am indeed baffled by the fact that their music is considered ‘Indie’ yet people are well informed to an extent of passes becoming sold out. I know that ‘Indie’ is but a mere genre but I’ll be damned for not anticipating such crowd. And oh, I still feel like horse feces about it.

I guess that concludes my current dilemma. If any good has come out of this. It is that I’ve finally exhaled all the heavy air that have rendered my chest strained. And as tomorrow makes its way, I..

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