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I play basketball within its parameters.

That means I compete with my all; addressing every aspect of the game as possible to get a win. And with it comes, exhausting the emotional prerequisites of a perfectly democratic game. Smack talk.

Or maybe, (aggressive) pep talk?

We played a pretty close pick up game tonight. Sprinting end to end; blows to the body. Scratch and claw to win. But as basketball is a team sport. It demands a strong chain made up of 5 players. And if there’s weak link, you weld it with fire. So, you vocalize your hot emotions to repair that. But sometimes it just melts away.

The game implies that you play with emotion. To play it without, is to run an engine with no fuel. But place your foot on the pedal for longer and you start to smoke and spit fire. Out of your own mouth. Doesn’t matter if it’s towards the opponent or your own teammate.

You burn them.

They could choose to ignite a spark in their player. Or they can get burned.

I play basketball within its parameters.

That means I say sorry for whatever happens during the game.

I learned something today: Apologies can be made unto a person. But they have complete freedom to decide on whether to acknowledge it. I thought making amends make a better man. True. But to have a considerable expectation of respect from the recipient, that’s a sort of falsity.

I extended hand for sorry shake. Letting him know, that it everything’s alright, we lost. I was just trying to win. But he looked with my hand with sheer scrutiny, shook his head and rejected my apologetic ways. So I extended my hand onto his chest a bit. And said, “sorry”.

I though it was thorough disrespect. But little did I know, he was just exercising his free will.

I play basketball within it’s parameters.

That means when the game is over. I leave every basketball matter on the court. Frustrations and issues included.

The kid went past us with an older fellow. Seemingly looking his father. The old man exclaimed, “You should play by yourself. Not with a team.” Implying I was hot headed hog, I lost sight. Everything went black.

“At least I can play. Maybe you should teach him sometime.” I said. Pride.

Tempers were flaring at that point of time. And things go out of control when you play with fire.

Him walking away and I, still talking smack. He took a step back.

And he asked angrily, “What you say, kid?”.

“Said nothing sir.” I replied. “It ain’t my fault you’re old and can’t hear sh*t”, I added.

“Disrespectful kid, don’t know how treat your elders”. He yelled.

“Well aren’t you mature, picking a fight with a kid. You should teach your son that, maybe he’ll learn to stand on his own.” I yelled back.

The argument subsided with players pushing back opposing parties. Soon, reality set in. A guilty conscience embraced me.

I play basketball within its parameters.

That means I can play with heart and balls on the court.

It takes a whole heart and balls to do the right thing; to come to someone and admit your mistake. Of course fear and anxiety doubles the struggle. And when you can’t find those two elements. You put your head down.

I saw the old man and the kid at the store nearby as we were having our little water break. The kid eyed me down with the sense of disbelief. While the older fellow kept a straight face. Immune of what had occurred.

Since it didn’t take a while for the realization of the recent incident to kick in. I knew the most appropriate thing to do was apologize. But as I shot glimpses behind my back, I couldn’t muster enough heart not to mention balls to say a thing..

I came home feeling like a loser. Both in life and game.


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‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan’

As an avid sports fan, I enjoy the intense level of competition, the skillful orchestra of talents and the loud impact of a crowd. And being able to identify myself with such elements allow me to experience sports into a whole other level. I give the game it’s full glory.

As I become a part of the game. the game becomes a part of me.

I may not compete in a professional level but there’s little athlete spirit in me that yearns contentious encounters; thriving to win. But being both a competitor and an enthusiast, the outcome of the game either give’s me one of the two: a quick heartbeat or an idle heartache.

This is ‘The Primrose And Pains Of A Sports Fan‘.

  • When the team you’re rooting for wins. Any statement against the fact is invalid.*A royal flush to the face of haters.
  • On the flip-side, and the team falls otherwise. Be prepared to be verbally assaulted also, have your mother shamed.
  • The Gods of Sports are bipolar. They can turn the basket into a pool-sized hoop.
  • They can also transform the ball into a giant whale. And you cannot question there judgement.
  • Players overcome injuries. Do everything in one foot.
  • Players can lose a foot. And some few teeth.
  • Comeback wins. Classic underdog stuff.
  • Trashing. Humiliation of the highest degree.
  • A win set in stone. Watched just to witness excellence.
  • A win set in coins. Watched referees/judges get paid.
  • Scores from on-call wagers
  • Loses gas money on Sports Select.
  • Wings and beer.
  • Too many wings and beer.

Shout out to LBJ and the whole Miami Heat organization. Expect a miscall from The King all of you naysayers.


*A championship weighs heavier than a single win, a rival win, or any individual accolade.

PS- Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, robbed. I’m still not over that. November 2012.

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Blood, Sweat, Tears And A Broken Back?

You know that scene that you’d never get to un-see ever again? Damn. I saw it today.

My uncle was playing a rec-league playoff game; it was a knockout system so this game was huge; a win would mean a shot at the finals. And of course everybody was playing their hearts out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just an amateur, all for fun game. Nobody really thinks of it when you’re running the ends of the hard wood. Everybody goes out there and plays a 110%.

Thing is my uncle played 120%

He drove to the hole with 2 guys awaiting him by the cup; ready to contest the shot. It was his every intention to pick up the foul. But just as he after releasing the ball the defender inadvertently collides with him, midair causing him to bounce back; landing on his arched back, square on the floor. It looked gruesome. No call, the play continued.

Now he managed to limp all the way to the sidelines. Which is surprising in term of the impact and also the fact, that he should’ve just stayed flat on the baseline. He couldn’t sit up. So he was lying on his stomach until after the game was lost. The paramedics we’re called and they drugged him for the pain. I was dumbfounded.

(It was cool to ride in an ambulance, although I would’ve preferred to roll with the sirens on)

He was was in total pain. Unable to even chuckle without wincing from pain.

He’s under observation in the hospital where a stupid nurse flipped him on his back without the doctor’s approval. He’s going to be fine. By the looks of it, it seems to be just a back spasm or a dislocated disk. Hopefully not something major..

I like playing ball. No doubt about it. It’s almost religion. But seeing injuries like that make me doubt the mercy of the basketball gods. Sure we’re not professionals and we certainly don’t make money out of this. It’s sheer competitiveness that we lay on the court. And I play hard and physical all the time. But I’m not about to risk my normal bodily functions for it.

It shook me when he fell that hard. People don’t realize the pain invested onto every game.

And I love the game. But I can only love it as much as I take care of myself.

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I am a competitor.

I’m not going to front. I’m not the most athletic guy on the squad. I’m not a legitimate scorer. Neither, am I a complete basketball player. The only thing I have is the heart to play hard. I don’t know how far the phrase “die for the ball” can go. But bet your bottom dollar, I’m running away with it every time.

And with the sheer determination to play hard comes the reward of winning. I love winning. I’m not saying I win all the time. But I sure try. I take victory as my prize for each and every effort I make on the court. I could barely care if I don’t get the ball, shoot the ball or miss the ball. All I want is the win. We can talk about numbers all day, but at the end of it all, it’s the letters that count.

I have been win-less for the past 3 ball skirmishes. And, the hefty frustration seems to be beating me down even more. I try not to make excuses in terms of defeat. So I deem even the most viable reasons invalid when it comes to losses. Yeah, sure the other team is bigger and stronger. “Any given Sunday”, bruv. Anyone can win.

And If I would be dubbed as a sore loser, then dub be as prime. But I do understand that one cannot win all games. There will always be a winner and a loser. I just prefer being on the winning side most of the time. Although I don’t believe in moral victories. I do acknowledge the fact that I learned lessons in my losses and it has paid off in the latter games.

This post might seem too very jock-like cocky. But believe me when I say I love this sport so much that I strive to play it the right way with all my best. People often say “it’s just a game, play it and have fun”. But I would argue with that notion, isn’t winning fun too?

I can’t wait for the next time I step my foot on the court. God knows, I’ll be all but ready to run everyone out of the gym.


Shout out to Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks who’s having the pinnacle moments of his young career.

I remember watching him come off from Harvard where they spawn lawyers. No one ever thought he was cut out for the big boy league. But seeing him best John Wall, the first pick of the draft, in the Summer League immediately converted me into a believer. But Lin got lost under the radar playing for the Golden State Warriors with a talented back court of  Ellis and Curry. But jump into a season after, he’s now playing the best games of his life. Linsanity.

This is for more Asian talents in the NBA. And more ill conceived Lin puns..

PS- Floyd Mayweather, you might not have lost a bout yet. But hell, you sure damn lost your mind. You don’t see Asians undermining all the black talents in the NBA. Heck, they all even look up to them. Give credit when credit is due, bonehead. Jeremy Lin pray for this fool.


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“On Any Given Sunday”

I don’t know what’s the the weekend agenda up in heaven but it seems like The Guy upstairs and hordes of celestial beings paused their divine activities just to tear open the skies and shine their light on the spiritually controversial, Tim Tebow spear heading the ultimate dark horse team, Denver Broncos.

I sat on the couch with no expectation whatsoever on what this unlikely team would decide to pull out from it’s relatively short sleeve of game tactics. And this is what I love about watching teams that are considered the underdogs:  You can watch their game without little or no investment of confidence and support which not only saves you from pointless frustration when they lose. But also, make you drop your jaws when they win.

There’s three things you ought to know about this game:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger was injured. This is one of the most renowned quarterbacks that have played the game. And there’s no doubt to his experience, not mention his toughness on playing hurt. So he still plays a major part in setting the stakes of this game.
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most solid defensive schemes in the whole league. Built brick by brick of  sheer brawn and power. These men basically comprises into stone cold walls; a wall that comes at you.
  3. The Broncos had Tim Tebow. (and an army of invisible transcendental angels)

This really wasn’t a game. This was a dead giveaway claimed by many critics.

And in a world where everybody has their own day. This one was for the skeptics and not for Tim Tebow and The Broncos. Tim Tebow had a superb passing game which not only surprising but also impressive. He wasn’t a very good passer to be honest and for him to do so was far by a longshot. And long shot it was.

I’m no gonna question the religious aspects behind the miraculous plays by Tim Tebow but I would like to give my respect to this young believer right here who glorifies Christ with his gifted talents.

A classic sport fairytale.

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