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There’s a  thin line on whether a friend is to be considered a ‘best‘ friend. Because, what is there to really prove the legitimacy of a person so as to qualify for such a noble post in your life?

Challenges, experiences, time? Moments of thick and thin? Constant company?


These are natural characteristics of a friend; an individual duty in which they have to fulfill unto the mutual friend. Determining the status of your friendship is to know exactly the type of friends you keep. Classifying your company allows for correlation of priority which is key to sorting out friends.

I have 5 friendly categories that systematize my relationship with people:

  1. The Stranger– Nameless individuals with alien details.
  2. The High-five Friend– A faint acquaintance with little or no knowledge about his/her background. Often shares similar environment in which our mutual existence are both acknowledged.
  3. Pop-up Friend– A buddy for the good times; present in most recreational activities. People that have shared merry moments with me from hanging out to pickup basketball etc. But communication outside the particular activity is nonexistent; all interactions occur within the common bubble.
  4. The Good Friend- A person present in primrose and pain. A good listener in moments of great detail. Almost always there in times of need. A source of good company able to afford many smiles and great conversations. Challenges barriers of time and space.
  5. The Best Friend– A friend through it all; tried and tested by time. Obliged to comfort and compelled to care; bears reciprocal responsibility to maintain relationship. Conquers distances and picks up on the last conversation like instinct. Has a blunt mouth, tender hands, big warm arms and a heart full of loving. Select and special; true to the singularity of the superlative that is ‘best‘ friend.

This is my personal hierarchy in terms of friendship. And this helps me know who is who in my life which is important for we all are dependent to someone but the problem is we don’t know who. I’m not trying to put labels on my friends to restrict their capacity of being one. Nor am I trying to limit the number of friends or best friends you have. All I do is put them in order so I recognize their unique elements and determine what place they have in my life.

Sure, this is open to rearranging and/or addition of classes depending to a person. After all, we all have different standards.

All I want to impress on this post is -knowing who your friends are speaks a lot about knowing yourself.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Friends, Lovers Or Nothing by John Mayer

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Real “Emoticons”

Emotions cannot fully traverse across virtual ends. And in hopeless circumstance, we use emoticons to convey the least bit of what we truly feel.

: )

I put together a smile with a colon and right bracjet. And from there, we start a conversation; talk about how your day was. We smile at each other’s reply, just to keep it civil. Not that we’re interested but because one of us just want to acknowledge the other -when we really don’t, because we can’t.


We joke around. State the silly affairs we made throughout day; desperate to get a genuine laugh on the other end. Although the mood reeks of utter awkwardness. We stay on..

: ))

We key in an empty laugh. Almost like we’re delirious. Because as much as we try to be genuine, the method won’t allow it. We don’t guffaw at the humorous statements, but at ourselves. For we are..

: s

Baffled. We are in an unprecedented state of confusion where what is virtual seem as reality. But it feels potent, like the backbone of every relationship. But much more feeble as it drags through distance and time.

; )

But we wink at ourselves to assert the situation. But little did we know that our one eye is completely aware of such social network predicament while the other is shut tight, refusing to see the truth..

/: )

Until we start to raise a brow on the temper of our statements. And we see the sheer dullness of our naive friendship.

: /

So we ask more questions, or at least we try to. But none us can answer, because we don’t really know who is on the other end of the line. Surely we don’t want to share the private matters of our heart with an online stranger. So instead, we answer our own questions..

x _ x

Can’t watch to see the consequences of innocent internet intimacy; thorough disbelief on the friendship between two strangers. Because we can’t afford to look away from the time, thought and emotion we invested.



: (

Saddened by the facts of our online dilemma. I grieve for your emotions, whether you had them or not. And most of all I mourn for mine. Because after all this LDR torment, I sit here tapping on my letters forever pessimistic.

: x

So I stop talking to you. Because I want to detach from it all, you. Because every word you type punctuates hope in me..

: $

A day will come when I won’t be embarrassed by what I feel. Because I want you to be real. But until then, I’ll enter in a smile from time to time; make you think everything is alright.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Please Don’t by Leo Stannard

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When The Princess Had A Daughter..

One of my dearest friends had her baby today.. And I’m happy for her.

I’m trying to be.

To birth life unto this world must be something beyond all wonder. I mean I can only imagine. It’s certain that to have a child is only but a personification of joy.

But when you’re so young and full of running. Why? I don’t understand.

From when I knew her she had dreams of becoming a nursery teacher since she’s always been fond of kids. She studied hard for it and passion was never a question. And she did just that. But she must have had other ambitions in life. I’m not saying a baby serves as full stop to all her aspirations; indeed love and family are one of the greatest pursuits of life but when you have all the time in your hands to behold it..

She could have traveled. She could’ve have met more interesting people. She could’ve waited..

I don’t know the man who she loves with her baby. I’m not going to try and say she could’ve done better. I’m just hoping that it’s all worth it. Because to sacrifice time and youth is quite a heavy bargain to me. But then again, I never knew how it is to love.

But love had bear many fruits in our modern day. And such fruit that were meant to be sweet has been harvested to early which caused it to taste bitter, only to make you spit the love you swallowed too soon. As a friend, I wish not it happen to her. And I know it won’t.

She’ll make a fit mother. There is no doubt about it. Her strength prevails above her fragility and her love for her own will surely run deep. And so I have no worries about her and her young family.

Maybe soon I will finally learn to be happy for her.

But I may never understand why..


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