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“The Fault Of Being Young”

A boy and girl affair, this does not end well.

Youth is abundant with love and folly. Juvenile hearts are driven by strong emtotions that seem to override all boundaries of logic. Vernal desires are fueled by curiosity and adventure; a sense of boldness that require little to no thought. Young love is full of hope. It dreams and pursues. But reality is no child’s play.

A friend fell in love at a tender age. He met this girl during a trip across miles and seas. They bonded through many conversations online, spending late nights to compensate for differing timezones. Their emotions grew despite the distance and time, and soon, a relationship bloomed. They stuck it together for many months, even years. It wasn’t always ideal. And with the kind of long distance relationship, they knew being apart is a given.

And it was over…

They were persistent through it all. And finally the universe reckoned it was time for them to be together. He took a flight to be with her at last. For the first time they were able to conquer all the things that separated them. They danced and held hands; they kissed and whispered words to each other; they were a couple, an actual pair for once.

And then it was over..

They went back to their normal lives, but it wasn’t the same anymore. She missed him and he couldn’t be there for her. They tried to continue what they have been doing for so long. But life started to happen for her. She went out and he waited in worry. He took after a certain tone, and she didn’t have it. They spoke until no words are spoken.

And then it was over.

To realize in the end that they were young is wise, but rather too late. The inability to contemplate the many opportunities that lie ahead, various people to meet and places to see and be; all this could have saved both my friends from the troubles of the heart. They could have had it all, everything and each other. If only it wasn’t for the fault of being young.



PS: I envied you guys. I really did. I was rooting for you to go all the way, so you can prove to me that love pays no attention to distance and time. I’m sorry that it all had to end this way. I wish you both the best, whatever pursuit it is in life.

SOTM: Youth by Daughter

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Red Ribbon

There’s a girl with short hair. Shorter than an average girl’s crown; trimmed to an utter masculine appearance. She isn’t a rebel disapproving society and all it feminine biases. All she was, is a girl.

A girl with long silky hair; highlights of red streaming through her fibers. Her hair was youth itself, one adorned by a young lady. A red bow that laced a beautiful face like a gift tied with a ribbon.

But she was unwrapped.

Because boys like toys they can play with. Blind kids open presents which are not meant for them. This not a case of childish thievery but more, for hearts are mangled by boys with roughest hands but most deceitful minds. So when a shrewd little liar took form of a ruthless boy. The girl loved like gullible under the puppetry of his words.

Emotions flared, everything burned.

When her mother had found out of what happened to her precious daughter. She saw scars similar to hers. A bitter and broken older-self took over and hard discipline came down. Hard to imagine, but all in motive of love.

They chopped her hair. Every strand decapitated with sheer contempt. The scissors clipped the crest that validated the young woman and they ripped that ribbon that sat on her head until all she had to show for was her shameful face. As she look upon her fallen locks, she bawled at the foolishness of the girl who once wore that crown.

But there comes a day for every damsel in distress. Fortunately, her’s came sooner.

And so that girl with the short hair. Yeah, she’s alright now. Under repair but she’s getting there. Maybe next time I sit next to her, I’d ask her about the hair. In which she’d wittily reply, “It’s a summer thing.”



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A Figurative Reality: Cellphone, Shoelaces And..

I wanted to lose my phone…

Because it’s an outdated BlackBerry Curve that is 3 seconds late in its every function; making it incredibly annoying to check messages and whatever facilities this wretched phone has to offer. Also, the battery has been worn out to the point that it acts like a fuel leakage, power draining faster than you can say “I just pulled it out from the charger, I even kept it in overnight. Goddam!” A deliberate desire to misplace my pathetic excuse for a cellular device in another reason to get myself a new one. Preferably, it’s much younger sister; sexy, sleek and sexy, the new BlackBerry Bold.

You know when they say. “if you want it bad enough, it will happen”? Well, it’s a cosmic anomaly that such statement may be true. I was out today buying people presents for when I get home and all when my phone shuts down. Right at the time when I needed it the most; taking pictures of store items sneakily, as if attempting to send images to a Chinese warehouse where new piracy is born; talking to folks and asking them what they want but instinctively thinking of just getting them a hometown hockey tee. After charging it for an entire 8 hours, it decides to go to sleep in less than hour’s usage. Screw this phone. I stood there wishing it got lost; playing with it as if to smash it on the floor. Goddam. I didn’t care if I had lost it.

But I really cared.

I finally lost the godforsaken thing. 😐

I didn’t want to lose my phone…

Because I would definitely get a glorious oral lambasting from my folks on how irresponsible and careless I am. Also, everything in that phone is 0.005% sentimental. But sentimental nonetheless. After all, I got all my fully clothed pictures in there. (Literally) That phone also stored confidential codes that could lead to identity theft and bankruptcy.

I remember how I wanted to lose it so bad. At the same time it feeling doubly worse. Sometime we don’t think. I usually don’t. Which sucks badly for me. Because I don’t care enough. And those are just material things, what if it was a live and beating heart?


But I found it. Just right now. Dead in the night; lounging in one of the shopping bags I carried all day. Guess my uncle was right, I’m a cat with nine lives with this phone. But not all things that are lost can ever be found again..

I stole. Yes, I am a sly thief with devilish courage to nab a pair of shoelaces. Daredevil, I am. For such account of thievery, I am to be considered a criminal. But don’t think I take this lightly because I don’t.

I remember when I first stole a piece of gum. It was packed in a can with a dozen of paper wrapped, fruit-flavored chewy goodness. I stared at it and imagined how it would tickle my taste buds. I craved for it. But I was broke. And when you’re 8 years old and unemployed, you get desperate. And desperation paves way for criminals. I stole the a singe piece of gum. And I spat it out the minute it came in between my teeth. Not that it was disgusting. But I was..

And here I am, stealing shoelaces. I know it’s a long shot for kleptomania but it doesn’t make it right. Because sometimes we like things only because we want them.

I’m disappointed with myself.

Very stupid. So naive.

Did I say I’m thinking about getting a girlfriend?

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Heartlines by Florence And The Machine

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