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“The Fault Of Being Young”

A boy and girl affair, this does not end well.

Youth is abundant with love and folly. Juvenile hearts are driven by strong emtotions that seem to override all boundaries of logic. Vernal desires are fueled by curiosity and adventure; a sense of boldness that require little to no thought. Young love is full of hope. It dreams and pursues. But reality is no child’s play.

A friend fell in love at a tender age. He met this girl during a trip across miles and seas. They bonded through many conversations online, spending late nights to compensate for differing timezones. Their emotions grew despite the distance and time, and soon, a relationship bloomed. They stuck it together for many months, even years. It wasn’t always ideal. And with the kind of long distance relationship, they knew being apart is a given.

And it was over…

They were persistent through it all. And finally the universe reckoned it was time for them to be together. He took a flight to be with her at last. For the first time they were able to conquer all the things that separated them. They danced and held hands; they kissed and whispered words to each other; they were a couple, an actual pair for once.

And then it was over..

They went back to their normal lives, but it wasn’t the same anymore. She missed him and he couldn’t be there for her. They tried to continue what they have been doing for so long. But life started to happen for her. She went out and he waited in worry. He took after a certain tone, and she didn’t have it. They spoke until no words are spoken.

And then it was over.

To realize in the end that they were young is wise, but rather too late. The inability to contemplate the many opportunities that lie ahead, various people to meet and places to see and be; all this could have saved both my friends from the troubles of the heart. They could have had it all, everything and each other. If only it wasn’t for the fault of being young.



PS: I envied you guys. I really did. I was rooting for you to go all the way, so you can prove to me that love pays no attention to distance and time. I’m sorry that it all had to end this way. I wish you both the best, whatever pursuit it is in life.

SOTM: Youth by Daughter

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A Friendly Blueprint For A Purgatory

There should be a place where friends that used to be can exist. A place in which they are not alive nor dead; a purgatory.

Because in life, we are bound to lose friends. Those who weren’t able to stick long enough; people we once knew, once important to us; friends who we’ve outgrown and one’s that went the other way. Bottom line is, that’s reality.

To be honest, I abhor this fact. I refuse to accept that there is such a thing. But to deny it is downright ludicrous. Still, I can’t bring myself to let people go. Especially those I’ve known to call friends. I value what they mean to me, and so I’ll try my best to hold onto them.

This purgatory of friends is a reach for those who I have come to know; people that mattered and all the past tense peripherals that failed to function in present continuous tone. This is where I put them, a space in which all positive possibilities are open and negatives are nullified. A place where forgiveness is not withheld but made to be processed; an extension where the heart can be rehabilitated and reconciliation is on the table. A station where building blocks of friendships are restored, if not made new.

It’s unknown to me whether this is labyrinth is purely imaginary or plausible at all (I think it is). But the idea, in and of itself, is perfect. Because you don’t lose anything. It’s not to say that the status of that certain friendship won’t have any implications but it will not have to be so much as severe.

Completely fictional, Factually open.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Ghost And The Man by Lakes

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