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A Disclosure

What if I tell you that I don’t have any plans; that I only intend to work hard?


Will I still make it then?

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Too Much by Drake feat. Sampha

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Every Stranger

Today, I saw a girl.

Her hair was tied up in a bun-like style; effortless, almost impromptu. Specs hung on her perfectly angled nose, with radiant eyes that look better with glasses off. She wore a long summer dress complimented by a cardigan; I can only imagine a soft skin trying it’s best to hide from the sun’s cruel gaze. Her hand held a magazine which boast intellect. She was lovely.

Like summer breeze.

She just got out of the train station, awaiting the same bus as me. She was looking around, her view was scattered. But mine was fixed on her. My thoughts trying to get it’s act together. I felt a need to say something. Anything. Or maybe even Coffee. But alas, such pursuit is not for wimps without a pair.

I was a stranger. But then again. So is everyone else. I don’t know why I can’t have myself speak words when it counts. I feel like I’m always a question away from things..

And, I will never see her again.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn

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