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The Release


I’m gonna write.

Because I woke up in the middle of night, wearing skinny jeans. And I thought to myself, that life is good.

But damn, I don’t deserve it.

During my absence, a lot of things have happened. Happened too fast, happened all together. It was hard to write, because I felt like I lost myself. I was everywhere and nowhere. Although it seems like a lame attempt to justify my lack of effort on this blog, it’s been really difficult to write. It’s been a really difficult time.

But now, I’m free. And it’s a good night to release these lingering thoughts.


University is the worst roller coaster ride. Damn. I came in this school year with prime optimism and for the life of me, I do not know where it’s gone in the the middle of it all. My academic pursuit for the semester has been awry. More like average. And I hate it with every ounce of my braincells. Average is not my potential, and I refuse to be ‘just’ okay. I want to excel, and I want it so bad. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

I learned that I can write, but I can’t write great. And that hurts me for some reason. Not because I thought I was great, but because I’m struggling. I’m actually learning how to write, like a baby learning how to talk. It’s funny because I thought I was somehow beyond adequate. Damn.

Amidst the slight academic turmoil, I’m thankful that I survived. I mean, it might not be much but making it through the first semester with some sense of sanity left must count for something. I like that I didn’t give up when I thought it’s near hopeless. Being able to push when things are rough makes me feel a little better about myself. I just hope, I come through next semester.


I miss my family a lot. Especially, this holiday season. It’s a family affair after all. Although being away from them made me grow in some ways, I can’t wait until I can live under the same roof with them again.

Christmas is always tough being at a distance from your loved ones, but it sure does help when they send you to a holiday trip. But then again, it’s all about family at this time of year so it’s hard not to be a bit glum.

I’m happy though, that I’m able to spend the holidays going about Las Vegas and California. The amount of fun I’ve had so far is ridiculous. Not to mention, the New year’s eve I’ll be spending at Disneyland!


I’m beyond blessed. And I don’t deserve it.

But I’ll write about it.

Every single time.


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So I ended the year and started the year in a very undesirable manner.

Irony kills.

But I’m not going to babble on what happened on that particular night. (Because I can barely remember.. :s) I’m not about to stress the fact that I ended the year on a bad note or how I started the year poorly. No. Because this year I have zero resolutions.


Because every year like common New Year’s tradition we make an improbable checklist of the things we want to achieve and most often than not they end up being in vain. And this all because we are so sold into this notion that January 1st is the time to start. Well, do you wait for 365 days to start with your resolution? New year is just a brand new calendar but what it really is..

Is continuity.

It’s a just like any other day, only on a different date. Nobody really starts with a clean slate. We’re all just continuing on life with every given day. But it’s upon us to make it count. There is no restart in this game. You just learn from it and you make the necessary changes. If adjustments have to be made then implement them as soon as because if you decide to wait for another year, you’re in for a long haul. So whether you have any New Year resolutions or not, I hope you make the most out of every single day.

New Year is just one day. I prefer we utilize three hundred and sixty four days anew.

Plus one more day. Because we’re having a leap year. 😉

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Mission Impossible 4 (Not A Review..)

This is a complaint from a quite offended Dubai-an.


I don’t know why I’m even slightly affected by the fact that this movie badly portrayed the modern metropolis that is, Dubai. I guess it’s just my pre-Dubai roots that’s kicking in all this adrenaline that’s driving me to complete annoyance.

Three things untrue:

  1. Dubai does not have a catastrophic sand-storm like that. That is utter sham; purely imaginary. (A very bad one at that) Even the worst of sand-storms are not close to disastrous. Not to mention, attain a immense size fit to swallow an entire city.
  2. Camels do not cross highways. Even camels are scared of Arab drivers. Emirati (local) will drive down the highway at the speed of God know how fast without a single care for any form of pedestrian. They drive massive 4x4s, so it’s a given for everyone to look both ways before crossing. Also, there is no way you can speed-ball in the inner city roads like that; you would find yourself behind 3 cars with a cab cutting you by the side.
  3. The city had long developed from cultural street stalls. Dubai is the soil that cultivates sky scrapers like beanstalks, pollinated by a diverse urban society which makes for a lush garden of cityscape. Arguably the best in world.

Damn, I miss Dubai.

Happy New Year Dubai.. Have fun with your barrage of fireworks and dancing fountains and laser shows and whatnot.. :p

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