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It’s A Tuesday, I Watch My Shows On Tuesdays..

This is how I conquered the love infested day that is Valentines. A good dose of Big Bang Theory marathon. I wonder if today’s particular event had anything to do with my relative urge to binge though. Nonetheless, today has been pretty weird. Like, profoundly baffling.

I cannot specify why exactly..

But if there there was a faint scent of endearment, I think I gasped it; if there was a slight resonance of enchantment, I might have heard it; if there was a quick blur of affection, I could’ve sworn I saw it; if there was a warm breeze of sentiment, God knows I felt it. But I don’t want to consider all of these right now.

It’s nice to know she remembers though.. It’s really nice.


PS- My nephew shared some of his heart-shaped chocolates with me which inadvertently made me very sick in the hypothalamus. 😦

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Assassin by John Mayer

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Sleeping Pills And Brain Disorders: A Humor-Filled Incident

Today, I put a tub of ice cream in a microwave.

A tub of ice cream in a microwave.


This is far more worse than just mere absent-mindedness. It’s either my severe insomnia had started to take it’s dreadful effects on me or my memory span has deteriorated from one of a goldfish. Because, let’s be honest, no man in the right mind would ever place a bucketful of frozen goodness in a melting machine.

Now, I didn’t go as far as switching it on. But just the fact that I was completely oblivious that I dumped it there is downright ridiculous. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I don’t remember contemplating on life’s most difficult questions for me to not have at least a single ounce of sense to stick there. And if it was waywardly absurd to perform such a thing I should’ve realized it while I was in the act of doing it. But my mind was lost somewhere where pigs fly. Shame on me.

Heaven forbid an over anxious case Alzheimer’s.

Now as much as I love to indulge in my guilty pleasure of being a profound insomniac I have to say I must lay off my nocturnal innuendos for some time and give my fragile mind a sense of serenity. And a daily does of Vitamin B12. And I nightly prescription of Melatonin.

Perhaps a slight slap to the cheek for a certain degree of heightened awareness.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: All This And Heaven Too by Florence And the Machine

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