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50 And Wise..?

If you’re in here right now, chances are, you come from the virtual space of Facebook and in someway, acquainted with yours truly. If not, then you are just some random cyber passerby who stumbled onto this humble blog of misinterpreted thoughts and stories. Either way, thank you.


This post marks my 50th blog entry. I’ve been a morbid blogger as of late with my previous blogs forming a sort of love-hate-relationship in terms of my commitment on keeping it alive with my words. So this 50th blog post is big for me. It shows that I’m still here.. Writing.

I’ve had two awful affairs in regards to blogging. And they were hard to overcome. You see, blogging like keeping a journal involves an investment of time, a fair share of inspiration and a certain degree of responsibility. And I’m not going to say I’ve come a long way because I haven’t. But I’ve managed to learn a thing or two.

  • You write for yourself first, then the audience. I’m quite fascinated by this statement because it somehow justifies the realm of writing as one that is suited for the selfish. (Not that I am) Writing in thought of someone’s criticism is dead on stumbling block.
  • Read other people’s blogs.I’ve always found reading other people’s musings very inspiring which leads me to wish that everyone could blog. What are we if not a web of interconnected individuals with similar unique experiences. People have a lot to say. But sometimes you’d rather read it than hear it.
  • Be comfortable, get simple. The reason why my other blogs didn’t work out was because I abided by an intricate method in making entries. I made it difficult for myself to be spontaneous.
  • There is no perfect writer. Self-explanatory. Do not be a perfectionist.
  • Keep at it. There will be days when the pen you use runs out of inspiration and your head is filled with empty ideas. But that doesn’t conclude anything to a mere dot on the paper. Patience is key. And when the time is right the words will come out.

I am my own reader. And seeing myself write and cipher all 50 posts feels downright awesome. There’s an immense feel of confidence that brims out of this small and humble achievement. More than a single smiley can account for. This one is for that lettered insomniac so deprived of sleep but so full of words.


Don’t ever sleep. You have a whole eternity left for that.

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