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A Sunny Evaluation Pt. 2

Summer flew by quickly as if it were a bright yellow flash. Maybe it’s because of the constant glare of the sun. But it’s been alright I guess. After all, time doesn’t idly by. It wont wait for you to finish your coffee, more so give you time make conversations. So it’s all wise to make the moments count.

Recap, rundown, round up. Here goes..

  • Money magic trick. This is a one of those acts that non-magicians can pull off with their own wallets. It’s not uncommon at all. See something nice, *POOF*. Money gone, pulls out item from a bag. Cue the tossing of loose change.. Please.
  • New admission. I’ve started joining a legit Bible Study at this course of my stay. And I must say, these studies are quite intense. Intentional to the point that I feel like the Gospel singles me out. Nonetheless, it’s all heavenly vibes.
  • X-Box Live. Serious gaming mode: Finally signed up for a Live account and got Battlefield 3. Been a daytime zombie ever since. Not to mention, a major anger management candidate.
  • Losing streak. I’ve managed a mean tally of losses the past few ball games. Frustrating. But this is not an update about how I’m struggling at basketball. It’s just that I’m learning how to get out of some heavy funk. Slowly, steadily.
  • “At the top”. Finally reach the pinnacle viewing spot of Burj Khalifa- The tallest tower on Earth! Definitely a noteworthy experience considering the fact that I’m a complete acrophobic. Well, ‘was’ an acrophobic. Win. Shout out to the Kuwaiti-bunch for sharing the experience!
  • Death by drowning. Damn. I almost died swimming. Made me think about life and all the crap I’ve been doing. Thank you, God for saving me. But next time ward me of the deep end. Thanks.
  • ‘The Friendzone Purgatory’. There should be a post dedicated to my friend who is not my friend right now but still is.
  • Bum. I swear, I regret letting a whole set of days go by without any happenings. Total bummer.
  • Drunk text. So I finally hang out with my ‘other’ friends. Those who choose not to go to church. And that night I sent an SMS to my dad’s old company number, my folks asked me if I got sloshed. Laughed so hard.
  • Countdown. The day that looms ahead. Damn. I will have to count soon. But for now we bask under the sun.

As I’ve mentioned, the day of my departure is to come soon. But I don’t want to burden myself with anxiety for time will come for me anyway. So as long I have my feet on the sand I’ll keep my chin up. And march on wards.

I hope you, reader is having a pleasant summer!

A Sunny Evaluation Pt. 1

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A Sunny Evaluation Pt.1

It’s been a good month of vacationing. Hanging out, eating, loitering, not writing.. It’s all swell and good. But not really the optimum productivity level I was hoping for. It’s that goddam ‘Summer Paradox’ I tell you!

Although my first month has been a good time to catch up with my folks, I wasn’t really able to keep a lay-low after telling a handful of people about my arrival. I could just imagined if I announced it. But just to give you a early overview of my holidays. Here’s what’s been up:

  • La Familia is the same and will always stay the same. It was as if it was just yesterday when me and my folks picked up our last conversation. And if you think we’ve grown apart, you’d be damn wrong. Talking to these guys is like a discourse of sheer clarity.
  • Good eats! From home cooked meals to fancy joints. Not to mention a bucket of KFC. I’ve enjoyed loads of fine flavored foods this past month. And yes, I am eating rice on a daily basis.
  • No workout. Fat.
  • Dusty dribbles. They have a good bunch of ballers down at them sandy asphalt courts. Boys who’ve got a winning pedigree in their varsity background. I smell blood and competition. I’m so rusty though! Have to step my game up.
  • Spiritual comeback. My climb to the feet of the cross is nearing to its destination. I’ve had much clarity thanks to the people used by God as instruments. Almost there.
  • Money matters. I feel like I’ve shopped like a posh blonde for the lack of a better simile.
  • “Lettuce Ketchup”. I’ve had sometime to catch up with a few close people. And I have to say that I’m very much thankful that these people stayed the same in regards to our friendship. Quick to advise and alert to listen. If there is depth over distance, this should be it.
  • Schoolboy troubles. Thanks to my folks utter nagging to determine my academic pursuits. I’ve had much progress on choosing what major to take and what subjects to sign up for.
  • Tongue-tied Tagalog. Tagalog is the Filipino dialect. One that I’ve grown apart from and is currently re-learning. Not to mention sucking.

The list isn’t as elaborate. Coupled by a lacking on post entries, this is not a detailed summer rundown. I have to admit that I’ve been duped by that sunny phantom named ‘procrastination’. And so, I spent my days not writing.

But like a train that runs on steam. I’ve been thinking. And I’ll be soon to let out the smoke.

PS. I will have to print the lists I’ve written down prior my vacation. I’m gonna have to staple it on my forehead.

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Inevitable was the talk.

I love this fact about my folks: I can talk about virtually anything that I’ve been mulling over for a long time and they are able to process everything on the fly; making complete sense of whatever it is that baffles me.

They certainly are the ones that ground me down at the same time enables me to keep my eyes above. Though I’ve relied on them for quite a lot, I still feel the need to come to them for aid.

If it weren’t for these guys, I would’ve lost myself entirely during my stay on the liberal lands of the west.

And now that I’m back. The parents that once nurtured my faith are back on the grind. Repairs, repairs, repairs.

They were the chisels that sharpened me. And now again.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Don’t You Worry by Lucy Rose

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‘Who I Am’..

I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow. A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. Still, you hear me when I’m calling…

‘Who I Am‘, Casting Crowns

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For a liar to go to church is to be utmost true to oneself.


SONGTHEMOMENT: Lord Of Patience by Shai Linne feat. Melissa T.

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Pretty Little Liar

Sometimes we learn what we’re not taught.

That’s the thought that would underline the gist of my talk tonight. Where in the world do kids learn how to lie deliberately? No mum in the right mind would ever mistake to teach her kids things immoral.

My little nephew about  the age of 6, came to my room in dire need of help with his homework. I say ‘dire’ because he was itching to kill countless minutes of his precious childhood playing Dragonvale. (Admittedly, I squander valuable time in that game too. :p) I told him to get started while I went about my business for some time. Upon getting back, he sprung up with his hands ready to nab the iPad; he claimed to have finished reading his book and obliged me to sign the paper as formality. I was in no doubt. Until..

Me: What’s the title of the book again? I need to write it on the paper.

Nephew: It’s there! *points at the book*

Me: I know it’s there, what’s the title? ( gets strongly suspicious)

Nephew: I forgot.

Me: *doubtful stare-down*

Nephew: Aaa–uu-nunu-tt…

Me: Aunt Jessie.

Nephew: *smiles cheekily*

Now whether he told his folks about it as I instructed him to, is not important. But the thing that baffles me the most is how in such fresh age of mind did he acquire the knowledge to lie. As much as I don’t want to brush off the topic of biological determinism for the sake of sociological irritation. It seems to me that our innate sinfulness is ripe right from the start of our existence.

I’m not going to front. I’ve mastered the art of deceit to a certain degree that I’m capable of smoothly winging through and around concrete truth. Everyone does. But it would be nonsensical for mature individuals to condone such practices. And we don’t usually pass our untruthful habits off. Children will find their access to dishonesty regardless. Now there could be countless sociological reasons as to why. But I’m going to leave it as such.

It’s just mental to witness the early roots of our disgrace evident  even in a childhood frame.

We’re born bad, but to be bad is a choice, and to be saved is grace.

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“On Any Given Sunday”

I don’t know what’s the the weekend agenda up in heaven but it seems like The Guy upstairs and hordes of celestial beings paused their divine activities just to tear open the skies and shine their light on the spiritually controversial, Tim Tebow spear heading the ultimate dark horse team, Denver Broncos.

I sat on the couch with no expectation whatsoever on what this unlikely team would decide to pull out from it’s relatively short sleeve of game tactics. And this is what I love about watching teams that are considered the underdogs:  You can watch their game without little or no investment of confidence and support which not only saves you from pointless frustration when they lose. But also, make you drop your jaws when they win.

There’s three things you ought to know about this game:

  1. Ben Roethlisberger was injured. This is one of the most renowned quarterbacks that have played the game. And there’s no doubt to his experience, not mention his toughness on playing hurt. So he still plays a major part in setting the stakes of this game.
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers have one of the most solid defensive schemes in the whole league. Built brick by brick of  sheer brawn and power. These men basically comprises into stone cold walls; a wall that comes at you.
  3. The Broncos had Tim Tebow. (and an army of invisible transcendental angels)

This really wasn’t a game. This was a dead giveaway claimed by many critics.

And in a world where everybody has their own day. This one was for the skeptics and not for Tim Tebow and The Broncos. Tim Tebow had a superb passing game which not only surprising but also impressive. He wasn’t a very good passer to be honest and for him to do so was far by a longshot. And long shot it was.

I’m no gonna question the religious aspects behind the miraculous plays by Tim Tebow but I would like to give my respect to this young believer right here who glorifies Christ with his gifted talents.

A classic sport fairytale.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: The Sunny Side Of Hell by Grieves

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Because Sometimes The Truth Hurts


I’m sinful right through the marrow of my bones; my mind is a vessel of corruption; eyes that seek only flesh and mouth that spews filth. And a soul that is battered to numbness lies within.

Yet Christ chose to die for me..

Although He knew fully well that repentance will not be my first choice.. Still He died.

Sometimes The Gospel baffles me to a point of sheer frustration. It is just so difficult to question his profound love for a sinner. Not just for a one time, short period of a sinner. But one that is ironically consistent..

I’m stuck in a barren wasteland where I have no water but not at all thirsty; have nothing to eat but not famished. No, I live for other pleasures that incompletely satisfies. Aimless agendas that render happiness but not joy.

My mind perceives all the right ways but my heart does not allow any blood to flow through my veins to initiate any form of action. There seems to be a divorce between my heart and mind; tearing up my soul.

The heart of Christ was crushed for mine.

I should know better than to try and test His holiness. Foolish, as I am. I let him wait until my own pleasing because He is patient. I hope I learn soon enough. Because grace only lasts a lifetime..

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Look Ma..


Hugh Laurie anyone? :p

So I was watching my nephew’s school play for Christmas last night and I happened to be seated next to this big ball of charm, boxed in a miniature frame, laced with pure innocence; a little girl. And she said,

.. Look, mom.

(Bearded man walks onto the stage with a woman expectant of a child)

(She points at the man with the glorious, most artificial beard)

… Is that Jesus???

We all laughed.

It was cute. Until my grandma took a wise crack to it.

…. Look, it’s Saint Peter.

Good grieving graciousness. *slaps forehead*

I know no one has seen Jesus and I know no one who wants to, yet. But we can never recreate the image of Christ. Frankly, I’m not certainly sure where people got the absurd notion that God had the fairest skin, a hippy crown of hair and a renowned trademark beard.

For he grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out from dry ground; he had no form or majesty that we should look at him and no beauty that we should desire him. -Isaiah 53:2

I have a silly theory that Jesus meant for us not to see any of his facial features. And the reason is profoundly cliche –He wants us to believe by faith and not by sight.

It’s not about what He looks like but what He did to atone for our shameful sins.

And the rugged mystery item is.. Joseph.


Happy almost Christmas. 🙂

P.S. I’m Christian. Yo.

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