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“You’re Just A Girl”

“You’re just a girl”.

You’re just a little girl. What do you know about the world? What do you know about life? What do you know about love? What do about about anything apart from painting your nails and swooning over little boys?

Nothing, really.

Because, you’re just a girl. And this is the most that you can fathom. But you are something else. You’re not like any of the other girls.

You are not cliche.

You’re an individual. You know what’s right and wrong, from whats good and best. And you can make the right decisions. Your taste in music is impeccable and eclectic, level with sheer sense of meaning. You pay close attention to detail. You are curious about the world, and the people in it. You have dreams, and your dreams have dreams.

You are already, what you are not yet.

You’re just in a phase. You are not little kid, but at the same time not a grown up. You are right in the middle of everything. And I’m telling you that it’s hard right now because high school is kind of shit; all the other kids are shallow and they don’t get you most of the time. You might feel like crying sometimes, but don’t let it get to you. The world is way big, and you will feel lost. But if you see past your short scope, you will find beauty and your place in it. The world is a mean place, and it will make you feel weak. But I am here to tell you, that you are strong like a force of nature. And this world will be yours to own tomorrow.


One day I will meet you over coffee, and you won’t be that little girl anymore. You will sit there tough, chin up and independent. You will tell of your many experiences of music and life. And I will remember you then.

“You’re just a girl”.


SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Middle Of The Bed by Lucy Rose

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Red Ribbon

There’s a girl with short hair. Shorter than an average girl’s crown; trimmed to an utter masculine appearance. She isn’t a rebel disapproving society and all it feminine biases. All she was, is a girl.

A girl with long silky hair; highlights of red streaming through her fibers. Her hair was youth itself, one adorned by a young lady. A red bow that laced a beautiful face like a gift tied with a ribbon.

But she was unwrapped.

Because boys like toys they can play with. Blind kids open presents which are not meant for them. This not a case of childish thievery but more, for hearts are mangled by boys with roughest hands but most deceitful minds. So when a shrewd little liar took form of a ruthless boy. The girl loved like gullible under the puppetry of his words.

Emotions flared, everything burned.

When her mother had found out of what happened to her precious daughter. She saw scars similar to hers. A bitter and broken older-self took over and hard discipline came down. Hard to imagine, but all in motive of love.

They chopped her hair. Every strand decapitated with sheer contempt. The scissors clipped the crest that validated the young woman and they ripped that ribbon that sat on her head until all she had to show for was her shameful face. As she look upon her fallen locks, she bawled at the foolishness of the girl who once wore that crown.

But there comes a day for every damsel in distress. Fortunately, her’s came sooner.

And so that girl with the short hair. Yeah, she’s alright now. Under repair but she’s getting there. Maybe next time I sit next to her, I’d ask her about the hair. In which she’d wittily reply, “It’s a summer thing.”



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Every Stranger

Today, I saw a girl.

Her hair was tied up in a bun-like style; effortless, almost impromptu. Specs hung on her perfectly angled nose, with radiant eyes that look better with glasses off. She wore a long summer dress complimented by a cardigan; I can only imagine a soft skin trying it’s best to hide from the sun’s cruel gaze. Her hand held a magazine which boast intellect. She was lovely.

Like summer breeze.

She just got out of the train station, awaiting the same bus as me. She was looking around, her view was scattered. But mine was fixed on her. My thoughts trying to get it’s act together. I felt a need to say something. Anything. Or maybe even Coffee. But alas, such pursuit is not for wimps without a pair.

I was a stranger. But then again. So is everyone else. I don’t know why I can’t have myself speak words when it counts. I feel like I’m always a question away from things..

And, I will never see her again.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn

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When The Princess Had A Daughter..

One of my dearest friends had her baby today.. And I’m happy for her.

I’m trying to be.

To birth life unto this world must be something beyond all wonder. I mean I can only imagine. It’s certain that to have a child is only but a personification of joy.

But when you’re so young and full of running. Why? I don’t understand.

From when I knew her she had dreams of becoming a nursery teacher since she’s always been fond of kids. She studied hard for it and passion was never a question. And she did just that. But she must have had other ambitions in life. I’m not saying a baby serves as full stop to all her aspirations; indeed love and family are one of the greatest pursuits of life but when you have all the time in your hands to behold it..

She could have traveled. She could’ve have met more interesting people. She could’ve waited..

I don’t know the man who she loves with her baby. I’m not going to try and say she could’ve done better. I’m just hoping that it’s all worth it. Because to sacrifice time and youth is quite a heavy bargain to me. But then again, I never knew how it is to love.

But love had bear many fruits in our modern day. And such fruit that were meant to be sweet has been harvested to early which caused it to taste bitter, only to make you spit the love you swallowed too soon. As a friend, I wish not it happen to her. And I know it won’t.

She’ll make a fit mother. There is no doubt about it. Her strength prevails above her fragility and her love for her own will surely run deep. And so I have no worries about her and her young family.

Maybe soon I will finally learn to be happy for her.

But I may never understand why..


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