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‘The City In The Desert’


You are one great city. And believe me when I tell you that there is nothing like you.

You’re the city in the desert; the breeze in the summer. You built concrete out of sand, and made a home for me. You were honest enough to tell me that I can’t stay forever, that there is a world out there that is waiting for me.

You have introduced me to people that I would have never met elsewhere. And you let them go in front of my eyes to show me that you claimed no citizens only transients- nothing is permanent.

Then you let me go. And I loved you for it.

Thank you for everything. I will write about you until next time.2013-08-15 13.38.00

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Tidal Waves by Kenji

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The One Who Stayed (..And The Leavers)

Accustomed to the temporal ends of Dubai, I have grown numb to people’s departures. It’s not the lack of emotion but a ready system immune to exit. Because I know that this city is nothing but a momentary place of refuge; a stepping stone.

It’s where people come and go.

But just as unfortunate as the fortunate, I’ve always bore the terrible privilege of staying; watching people take flight to far flung places where miles and timezones are the extensions of distance. And until now, I sit here still seeing people off. And it tires me.

It always hurts to see someone go away. But what goes unnoticed is the the pains of the one who stayed. The person who was left in tears or in shatters; that man whose heart is equally broken; the one who’s waiting on the other end of the line. This is me. I play the role of the friend relinquished.

Empty promises of coming back given as consolations; plastic promises of keeping in touch, soon to be forgotten.

You see, the leaver moves out and can start over a new leaf. But the person who remained must continue their lives, they can’t afford a do over, only change of routine. Both are with great degree of difficulty. But don’t ever think that one who stayed got it any better.

Even when it’s my turn to give the slip, people have gone behind my itinerary to beat me to it. I don’t mean to play-test the emotions of people around me. All I want is for you to say ‘goodbye’. Because the leaver say it always as a response. But the one who stays always has to say it first.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT:  Fade And Then Return by William Fitzsimmons

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