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A kid is an epitome of humanity.

It’s true. Kids are raw, blunt and unrestricted. They are not bound by responsibility but they require much care. Their sheer honesty is brutal and their thoughts unfiltered.They can hurt you severely, but they can love you completely.

They contain both good and bad. They go up and down. They never walk, they always run. Never sit still, but always buzzing around. They cry when they’re hurt and laugh so loud, they run out air.

The sense to make sense is nonsensical to a little one, but what really makes sense is nonsense. Because nonsense is really not complicated. And they like it.

People grow up. But to say we’re not like kids is childish.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: Penelope Judd by Shai Linne feat. Epiphany Kidz

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Young Love

I’m a hopeless veterinarian..

There is no remedy for the youthful tomfoolery that is ‘Puppy Love‘.

The seemingly innocent relationships that kids have over there fond understanding of what is love. And yes, I’m talking about 12-16 year olds desperately voyaging to the raging realm of romance without a lick of knowing what’s out there.

Adults have been breaking there heads over such matters of the heart. And to no avail, hearts still broken. I don’t mean to be over-cliche. Not to mention, cheesy. But this is the young dilemma.

The human life cycle is flawed: Kids act like adults and adults act like children.

Or perhaps there is no understanding what real love is..

But to kids in pursuit of heart struggles. Don’t. Stay as a child. Play with your video games. Make friends, not enemies; smile for now and cry later. Learn to walk on your own before you hold someone by the hand. Take your time on growing up. Because the world is in a hurry, but you can afford to take it slow.

Don’t take to heart what you hear from pathetic poppy songs and their misguided lyrics. Such experiences can’t possibly be digested with such naive perception. Even if they try, the meaning of it is distorted.

I can preach like bishop about you’re to young and reckless.  Don’t play games with fire.

And burn your tiny hands.

SONGOFTHEMOMENT: While You’re Out There Looking For Sugar by Joss Stone

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